Astronomy Bonus Post: Cassini’s Final Mission

Cassini's final mission

Cassini’s final mission will end today (15th September 2017) after being in service for almost 20 years. Cassini and its team have given us some of the most in depth and interesting photographs of Saturn that have ever been achieved. This amazing piece of technology will end its journey in a spectacular fashion by burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere, in an attempt to stop her from contaminating potentially life-sustaining environments that have been found on one of Saturn’s moons.

In celebration of her epic journey, here at around 1 pm, NASA will receive their last signal and all day NASA will be broadcasting opinions and discussions with those that worked on the project and some of the feats she has achieved throughout her lifetime.

Mini Cassini Fact File

Image Credit: NASA/ The National Space Centre

Name: Cassini

Began Service: 15 October 1997

Ended Service: 15th September 2017

Distance Travelled:  2.2 million miles

Travel time: 7 years to reach Saturn
(Including 2 flybys of Venus, and one of earth to gain gravity assisted speed)

Biggest discovery: 2 new moons of Saturn, Methone, and Pallene
(Bringing the total known moons to 60)

Biggest feat: Became the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn, June 30th, 2004

Cassini's final mission
Saturn, Approaching Northern Summer. Photo Credit: NASA

So there you have it! Cassini’s Final Mission is coming to an end.

NASA has an awesome 3D Cassini model which was pretty cool and informative, and also a full timeline and gallery if you want to know more!

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  1. andthenzen
    19th September 2017

    I genuinely think that it’s crazy that it’s been in the sky the entire time I’ve been alive.. I know many people are sad to see the journey come to an end, but what a journey it has been! ????

    Andi |

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