All that Glitters: A Chat with BekBek Makes

You know how I’ve got a LITTLE bit of a pin-badge obsession? (Don’t we all nowadays?) Well I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a maker of pin badges, glitter necklaces and earrings, BekBekMakes. A Coventry local, a mum and a maker – find out how she started off her creative career with a bang!

Disclaimer: Contains images of gifted products given to me after the fact!
As always opinions are 100% my own!

I first featured Bek’s stuff last year, when I fell in love with a teeny Saturn necklace at a FarGo fair and I got the matching earrings for Christmas! Since then, she’s gone on to sell BIG in Japan, she’s branching out at shows all over the country and she’s even got her own permanent space in Container No.8 at FarGo Village!

Diplodocus Necklace Brachiosaurus Necklace

“I’ve been selling on Etsy for a long time, as well as locally in Coventry. Since then I’ve been in British trading fairs in Japan and have been travelling a lot. I’m so happy with where my business is going and how much it’s grown!”

The thing that drew me to her designs first (apart from the GLITTER) were all the space themed stuff – they were sooo cute! She’s making more and more new designs all the time including some beautiful aliens that WILL be mine! Although her best-sellers are the dinosaurs (which are SUPER cute) my favourite pieces will always be the space themed ones! They just call out to me!

UFO Glitter Necklace BekBek Makes
This is the item gifted to me after the interview – Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

“One of my favourite things is when I come up with a new design out of nowhere and I can go straight off to the cutting machine with it – I can tweak it, and make it entirely my own and see it come to life so quickly.”

Bek started her creative career during her maternity leave, like so many creative mum’s tend to do! Bek’s plan is to continue making and expanding her range with the ultimate goal of being able to work from home to spend all the time possible with her little ones! (Every mum’s dream!)

“I’m so lucky that throughout it all, my other half just kept supporting my dream and our family while I found my feet – Without his words of ‘Just go for it!’ in my ear, I don’t know whether I’d still be where I am now.”

Glitter Fish Necklace BekBek Makes

Bek hand-makes every single one herself from scratch, from FSC Sustainable Wood sources and coated with resin filled with glitter. Her items are made to last a lifetime and be kept as keepsakes and treasures. She takes custom orders and can make just about anything you like to order. But it’s not all plain sailing…

“Sometimes you can go for a while without an order and it can feel like the end of the line, but the fact I’m still going proves that hard work does pay off! I love to meet local people at fairs and see how happy my designs make them!”

If you love unique handmade cuteness as much as I do, no matter where you are in the world, take a look at BekBek’s incredible work!


  1. Mariah Kaercher
    16th May 2019

    These necklaces are so cute.

  2. Nat
    5th June 2019

    I really love Bekbek’s pieces so much, especially the dinosaur ones. 😀

    1. Amy_Ether
      7th June 2019

      You know what they say – dinosaurs are a girl’s best friend!


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