Trying Vegan Snacks – My verdict!

My lovely friend is forever feeding me her vegan snacks to convert me to her vegan agenda… Lol JK, she knows how much of a foodie I am, so she decided to give me a box of goodies! My friend does regular ratings of vegan snacks on Instagram, to see what she feels are are the best in the market. It’s a really cute piggy themed account that rates everything out 5 snouts! So in honour of her, I’m going to rate all of these snacks out of 5 snouts.

Candy Kittens – Wild Strawberry

Immediately, as soon as I opened the packet I was hit with a really beautiful smell of strawbs and I knew this would be a hit. Their colour and shape means they look a bit like piggies, moreso than cats, and their texture is so more-ish that I had to eat a few more before carrying on with the next thing! One thing that would have been nice is if the packet was resealable. 5 snouts out of 5! A good start!

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

These cheese flavour chickpea puffs were intriguing. I really looked forward to these as soon as I saw them, because I am a big fan of Wotsits!

After seeing one, I had to check the packet to see if they were still in date because they look really weird to me! But they were fine, and once I popped one in my mouth they were pleasantly crunchy and although they aren’t very wotsit like, they are still a great cheesy snack! 4 snouts out of 5.

LoveCorn: Habenero chill flavour

On to another savoury snack! I really like tiny little nuts, seeds and snaps of all kinds so I’m really interested to try these crunchy little guys!
My marketing-nerd side noticed that all of the vegan sweets tended to have have the same kind of tone of voice on the packaging. A laid-back, chill, “not taking itself seriously” kind of voice which is quite interesting… But I digress!

These were hit for me, I absolutely enjoyed them, I love the spice, they’re really moreish and you can easily pop them into a lunch box as a nice addition. 5 out of 5 snouts.

Buttermilk Vanilla Fudge Bites

Now for something sweet! These buttermilk vanilla bites are dairy-free, palm oil free and, I was pleasantly surprised to see, the packaging was plastic free and compostable. I absolutely could not tell any difference between these and regular forms of chocolate-covered fudge with dairy in them. I only give 4 snouts out if 5 but only because I liked the savoury snacks more!

Nairns Spicy Oatcakes

My friend knows how much I love Spice so I’m really glad that she included two spicy oatcakes in the box! I’m not really big on dieting and I don’t really care about counting calories so I don’t really know what normal oatcakes like but there were two in this pack.

My immediate thought with this is that I like the flavour, but it’s unpleasantly dry! All I wanted to do was spread some soft cheese on it! (Not a big vegan move.) I don’t think I can recommend these as a solitary snack even though the flavour was good, unless you plan to pop some cheese on there! I couldn’t eat the second one without a massive drink of water first! 2 snouts out of 5.

Pure Heavenly Chocolate bars

I tried the 3 chocolate bars that I knew that I would potentially like and gave the other one to my partner! Oops, I didn’t tell my friend before she sent the box that I wasn’t a fan of coconut, but I’m a sucker for other flavoured chocolate so I snarfed down the banana one and it was really yummy!

Trying the raspberry one though, and I nearly spat it out! It was way too fragrant; it tasted like I was eating some kind of bath product. Meanwhile my partner ate the coconut one and then said exactly what I was thinking; Pure Heavenly overcompensate for lack of chocolate taste with the flavourings. That said, he gave it 4 “oinks” out of 5 and said he would have it again! He also really enjoyed the Jungle fruits coconut bites and big bad wolfed them all down in one go!

I tried switching over to the plain, dark chocolate one (without flavourings) and that just tasted like standard dark chocolate so I guess that’s a win. Again even though I’m not really fussed about calorie counting these contained less than 2% sugar, so good if you’re diabetic too!
3 snouts out of 5, as they’re really hit or miss with the flavouring!

Vegan Brioche from La Boulangerie

Here is where the chaos started. After my first bite, I realise that I was basically eating just bread so I used some “Only plant-based!” ranch dressing, which my friend kindly had added into the box just because she had bought an extra one. After adding some ranch dressing to the brioche I realised that this could get dangerous…

I basically ate all 8 brioche rolls right there, dipped in this ranch sauce! My word! What an epic accidental combo that was. The tanginess of the ranch dressing mixed with the sweetness of the vegan brioche made it and incredible taste which I would gladly eat every lunchtime. 10000 snouts and probably a bit on par with the weirdness of chicken nuggets and milkshake.

This little piggy is full!

I would probably add most of these into my normal snacking habits, especially the savoury bits and pieces! I am a big fan of vegan pick n’ mix which I get from my local vegan shop so the Candy Kitten sweets were right up my street and I had absolutely no qualms with the buttermilk fudge bites either! Overall a really successful box and I want to say huge thank you you too my friend again, for kindly sending me these things to try out! I would happily substitute many of my snacks for these!

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