The Cosmic Wheel: Sisterhood Switch Game Review

Y’know, I don’t ever really review Indie games? I’ve had a Switch for a while now and I don’t think I have ever taken the time to write about what I’m playing. It’s time to change that, and what better game to start with than The Cosmic Wheel: Sisterhood.

Far from the shallow and surface level ties in with witchcraft and traditions, this game utterly embraces the core beliefs of witchcraft and adapts them to fit into the chosen magic system in a playable story. This system embraces the idea that all witches have their affinities and they must simply find their strengths. They ascend from mortal lives and have the potential to ascend further into a cosmic form.

You play as an ascended witch who has been exiled to live alone on an asteroid for 1000 years. This was because the leader of your coven was upset with how you foretold the downfall of your coven with your tarot. In desperation, after 200 years of isolation you decide to awaken a Behemoth who helps you to build and entirely new type of divination deck. One that you can design yourself.

This is my favourite game that I’ve discovered this year. (Last year’s being Hades.) This interactive story game gives you such flexibility that it makes it wonderfully repayable. Although a short Indie game, (I’ve played 1 and a half playthroughs in about 8 hours), you really get so invested in the characters and each one is beautifully unique. Of course in my first run I chose what I’d most naturally be drawn to, but this second playthrough I’m going full tyrant – why the hell not? I am totally ready for the ‘bad’ ending.

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