Conclave of Chaos Review & Witch Cosplay Tutorial

I did something really cool recently that I’ve wanted to do for years but have never gotten the chance to. I am not nearly coordinated enough for LARP (Live Action Role Play) battles and they’ve always quite intimidated me. I have always wanted to explore playing a character… but fighting is just not for me. So imagine my absolute JOY when I found out about Conclave of Chaos!

Firstly… Hey, hi, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve addressed you all directly – so how are you? I’ve been a little MIA for a while. I’ve been working on myself, attending some festivals and restoring my mental health after some more dodgy months. It’s an uphill struggle most of the time, honestly. But anyway, Conclave of Chaos and Witches Revival which I attended last weekend, have restored my heart and my soul!

Conclave of Chaos was slightly intimidating for little old me, because I’d never quite attended an event like it. But everyone was SO welcoming and lovely. I even managed to make a few connections with people playing D&D over Discord beforehand. Also before you attend, you choose a faction to represent… and of course I chose witches because I am already one and I could just play myself but slightly more eccentric. (For those reading this who know me personally, yes, that IS possible, shush.)

So here’s my plus size witch cosplay outfit list!

 ♥ Hat – Killstar
 ♥ Make-up – Unicorn Cosmetics / VE Cosmetics
 ♥ Necklace – WitchCasket
 ♥ Tops & Skirt – Shein
 ♥ Snake tights – Snag
 ♥ Boots – Dr Martens

My cosplay was cheap as heck and honestly I am not proud to say that almost everything was from Shein BUT I was definitely not the only one grabbing their cosplay items from Shein. I hope next time to hand-make a little more, but I got so many compliments on my outfit that I feel like it worked out either way. There were some ABSOLUTELY spectacular costumes but I felt a little nervous asking for pictures!

What I didn’t mind asking for though, was TRINKETS. One of the major things at events like this is trinket trading. You bring along little hand-made or cute collectable items, and you trade them with people as a means of starting up conversation. Being a witch, I also read tarot for a lot of people – and I mean A LOT – as part of my trading. Take a look at my spoils though! I felt so peaceful and welcome walking around and chatting to people. I’ve read tarot for a few friends but nothing quite like that before!

There was also a market that had such STUNNING bits and pieces, I honestly could have spent a tonne. I settled for some stickers, badges, a key-ring, art-prints, and a giant D20! A group of bards set the tone with a lovely bardcore performance and we finished off the day with a talk about medieval knights! <3 I also took part in a little witchy workshop where we made a salve for our skin – and the person leading the workshop only caused one explosion! (Seriously, don’t put glass on an open flame.) Here’s the recipe for those that want it!

Essential Oil Witches’ Salve

♥ 30g of beeswax
♥ 30g shea butter
♥ 300ml sunflower oil (it seems a lot but, trust the process)
♥ Essential Oils of your choice
♥ Herbs and dried flowers of your choice
~♥♥♥ This makes around 15-20 mini Vaseline tubs size portions. Melt your beeswax. Mix with the shea butter and oil (warm it up if it solidifies a bit too quickly). If you want to make multiple kinds, at this point separate your mixtures into your containers. Mix in your herbs, dried flowers and essential oils. Pour into small containers and leave to solidify. ♥♥♥~

That’s about all I’ll say for Conclave of Chaos. It was a spectacular day and next time I’ll probably want to go to the full weekend!

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