Ultraviolet Vibes: Why I love the Ultra-vibrant Purple Pantone of the Year

I know that I am super ahead of the trend ‘n’ all that, but when I found out that the Pantone of the Year was Ultraviolet, I just jumped for joy. Last year’s Pantone, Luminous Green just wasn’t my thing, (but anyway that’s so 2017.)

After having an Ultraviolet blog theme and tons of galaxy-laden clothes for my whole life, the trend setters have finally caught up with me… and designers are going mad for the colour and it’s space-like associations!

So here are just a few reasons why I love this Ultraviolet Pantone of the Year!

A Geek’s Guide: How to Write a Seriously Epic Sci-Fi Story

We all know that there are a LOT of sci-fi stories out there. I mean, there are whole sections of book shops dedicated to the genre. Speaking of which, I now sponsor one! I pledged to help my local BookShop’s expansion and they let me brand their sci-fi section. In celebration, I decided to explore what makes a good sci-fi story?

To answer this question, I took 2 sample texts, from “Amy’s Storys” (sic) written by 8-year-old me, to analyse as core texts. It’s as good a starting point as any…

Intergalactic Exploration: A trip to the National Space Centre

National Space Centre Review

Last weekend, my other half and I went to the National Space Centre! It was super fun and informative – definitely worth at least one trip if you want to broaden your mind and get some new information about our universe! I thought I’d write a National Space Centre Review as it was amazing and I would go again for sure. We got an annual pass for the price of one ticket (!) so we plan to go again with friends.

 National Space Centre Review Astronaut
 Welcome Sign National Space Centre Review


We had a ticket to see a planetarium show which was held in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. You can choose from a look at the universe as a whole or stories behind some of our constellations. The lady who presented the show was very enthusiastic and I loved hearing more about the Greek mythology related to the constellations.

Some things I learned from the planetarium exhibit:

  • Some space objects are named M followed by a number because Charles Messier just labelled things he found with his initial and a number in the order he found them – how very imaginative!
  • We can’t map all the galaxies because our own galaxy blocks the half of our view.
  • The big and little dipper constellations are named for a Greek legend of a mother and son who were turned into bears and thrown into space!

National Space Centre Review Bioshock
Would you kindly increase the magnification?

 National Space Centre Review Rockets


I really liked how they relayed the information in the centre to you. It wasn’t centred around children only which it can often be at science museums, it was perfect for us too. The level of interactivity was so high! There were whole areas where you could test your skills as an astronaut, a simulation of a moon landing and you could lose hours watching all the videos and playing the mini-games.

They had some real rockets in the eating area with a multi-layer mezzanine so you could see them from top to bottom. That was certainly a highlight of the day!

 Orrery Ceiling Light National Space Centre Review
 National Space Centre Review Would you kindly
 National Space Centre Review Jupiter Fact File


There were SO many facts in there that you’d have to visit a few times to really take it all in! There were whole areas dedicated to rockets, sci-fi, the life of astronauts. So many planetary facts and the entire history of space exploration across the world. Here are just a few things I learned along the way:Le Voyage dans la lune National space centre review

  • The first ever Sci-Fi movie was French and called “La Voyage Dans le Lune”. It involved scientists that looked more like wizards.
  • What it’s like to wash your hair in space. (You gather a very small amount of water droplets as best you can and pull them through your hair.)
  • Saturn if very small (or we had a huge bath) would float in water


I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in the onsite shop but as it’s my birthday coming up I wasn’t allowed! In the end, I bought some “astronaut” food which I will try out soon. Once my birthday is over I am definitely going to go back for more!Astronaut IceCream Astronaut Food National Space Centre Review

I am constantly searching for inspiration for my space themed stuff. The National Space Centre was definitely full of that- for both my blog and artwork. I discovered that I really love how space exploration changed throughout history and the links between the old and new methods. The history of the constellations was definitely a highlight for me!

Anytime I feel spaced out (pun intended), I am going to revisit and fuel my thoughts!


A Geek’s Guide: Super Space Themed Party Shortbread

Space themed Party Shortbread

After finding a few Millionaire’s Shortbread recipes online and in magazines, I thought… It could be SUPER easy to adapt these traditional recipes to make them perfect for a space themed party!

I based the quantities for this no-bake recipe on how much of the ingredients I had in my house, but you can change these up depending on how many pieces you want to make! Also, a lot of people make their own shortbread base but I have NO time for that so… I used shortbread biscuits!

Space Themed Party cake Ingredients

Ignition sequence start…

200g Shortbread biscuits

50g butter (for base)

100g butter (for caramel)

150g demerara sugar

1 can of condensed milk

150g dark chocolate

150g white chocolate

Star decorations

Purple and blue gel food colourings

Shortbread base space themed party cake


To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!

Firstly crush the shortbread up with the end of a rolling pin with cling film over the top. You could get a little bit obsessive about this like me and make sure that the grains are even with no lumps and bumps, after all, the smaller the pieces the better it will stick together.

Add the 50g butter and mix it through, then press the biscuits hard to form an even base. I’ve learned from my previous cheesecake recipe, that it’s a good idea to use baking paper underneath! Pop in the fridge to chill while you make the caramel. (about 15 mins)

Caramel Shortbread Space Themed Party

Commencing countdown, engines on…

To make the caramel centre layer, heat up the 100g butter and the sugar on a low heat until all the sugar has melted and it’s not grainy. Then add the condensed milk and bring up to a rapid bubble (you may need to increase the heat a little).

You will find that the mixture starts to get a little tougher to stir as it thickens – this means it’s done! Tip it onto your newly chilled base and pop it back in the fridge.

Melted Chocolate for Space Themed Shortbread

Next, melt the chocolate into three bowls (all the dark, and split the white into 2). I did this by popping a bowl over boiling water, but you could do it in a pan on low heat or in the microwave. Add a few drops of the gel colouring into the separated white chocolate – I opted for blue and purple for a galactic theme!

Failure is not an option…

Next, making sure that the caramel has set, smooth out all the dark chocolate on the top and then dollop the mixture on top at random. Swirl and create a marbled nebula effect with a chopstick then scatter on your stars – there is no right way to do this, just throw them everywhere!

Marbled effect space themed shortbread

Ready for a Space themed Party!

Pop it back in the fridge for a few hours (I went to see Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2 at the cinema when I’d finished and it was done when I got back!), then this is the bit where I internally scream every time. Pull the shortbread from the tin and peel away the baking paper from underneath as neatly as you can. Did anything fall off? No? Awesome!
Space themed Shortbread Space themed party Lego Astronaut

I learned from this recipe to cut the shortbread into pieces using a hot knife as it’s the best way to cut through the top layer of chocolate. This made around 30 pieces give or take.

And there you have it! What do you think?Space Themed Party Galaxy Shortbread

13 Out-of-this-World Space themed gifts on my Birthday wish list!

SpaceShip Skinny Dip London Bag

As it’s my birthday soon I thought I’d post a Space themed gifts wish-list of mine… Just some tiny hints in case anyone (or a certain someone) need some ideas! I hope it also inspires you and gives you an insight into the kind of things you can find if you’re looking for space themed stuff!

Space Themed Gift Guide MoodBoard Galaxy Constellations Astronomy

1. Starry Night Dress by Cakes with Faces

This is such a cute little dress! I am not into astrology but the science of stars, and constellation themed items I adore! It’s amazing just how much stuff is out there (in the material and the metaphysical sense).

2. Glitter Star Hair Clips  by Crown and Glory

I feel like these in gunmetal or silver would look great now my hair’s gone purple. I just want to adorn it with sparkle! Short of covering myself in glitter, Crown and Glory have some amazing starry accessories… including a STUNNING dip-dyed veil that I MUST have for when I get married. Not that I’m even engaged yet…

3. Women In Science by Rachel Ignotofsky

Full title, Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World, looks absolutely stunning and really interesting! I went ahead and bought this one (this is the problem with making wishlists of affordable, beautiful items!) It is incredibly illustrated and I love the writing style.

4. Atom & Planet Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity

As some may know, I wear the hell out of the necklace from my previous Space Princess gift guide. EE’s whole range is stunning and space-based and I look at them longingly every lunch break in the office! These colours are just perfect.
Space Themed Bag Constellation Earrings Fun Science

5. SpaceShip Bag by SkinnyDip

I added this bag to my wishlist after seeing it in Brighton… until I realised it was from LAST SEASON! *shock horror* Rather than miss out my friend got it for me and sent it in the post. (PaperBag Blog- thank you!) It helps to know lovely people! So… this is on here to show it off really (Sorry, not sorry) and give a shout-out to SkinnyDip for designing something so cool.

6. Fun Science by Charlie McDonnell

Full title “Fun Science: A Guide to Life, the Universe and why Science is so Awesome” by Charlie McDonnell has sparked my interest as it discusses everything from the largest things comprehensible to humans right down to the smallest atoms. Charlie (Charlieissocoollike) began producing science related videos on YouTube and I followed him for many years – I really want to support his venture as an author!

7. 3D Star Globe by Luckies

A 3D map of the night sky would both informative and beautiful hanging from my ceiling. Alternatively, an actual constellation globe with a transparent base would also be awesome on my office desk… but a little out of my budget!

8. Star Stud Earrings by Stray Jewellery

I am always on the outlook for earrings that can tie in with my outfits. I’ve been going for a lot of galaxy-inspired and space themed stuff recently. Even if I have to dress like your average person (boo) for work or an event, I still like to set it off with something astronomical!

Space Themed Dress Planetarium Space Pencils NASA Space Cat Mug CyberDog

9. Planetarium Paperweight by Present Indicative

I know what you’re probably thinking, it’s a bit odd… But it’s REALLY cool and I feel like I could look at it for ages. I first saw it in the Stedelijk Museum Shop in Amsterdam but it was closing and they rushed me out of the shop. I am kinda glad I did though because it’s now introduced me to a whole new website that has cool nerdy gifts! Their whole astronomy section is AWESOME.

10. Cat in Space Mug by CyberDog

I thought to myself that if I never saw another “themed” mug ever again, it would be too soon! But then, I saw this one. Space AND cats? Yeah, go on then.

11. Galaxy Skater Dress by Glitterbomb

This has been on my wish list for aaaages. I’m absolutely in love with it – the colours are amazing (and I already have the necklace!)

12. Space themed Swirl Coloured Pencils

I added these in even though I bought them for myself. I’ve been told I don’t need any more stationery items BUT the leads are coloured to match the nebulas primary colours SO… had to be done. The pencils came from a little boutique in Amsterdam but you could get them here.

And to round it all off, what would an astronomy lover be without an awesome telescope?

Sky-Watcher Explorer-130P 130mm Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Until Next Time,



International Astronomy Day: Why I love Space, the Universe and Everything

As it’s International Astronomy Day today (29th April), I decided to get myself back on track with a post about why I chose this subject in the first place. I realise I haven’t really done any astronomy related posts but it’s because I felt I didn’t know enough / it would be a lot of tertiary research. Then I realised why my real passion for the subject and the theme really shines through!

So here is a little insight into the why I love Space, the Universe and everything space themed.

It reminds us how small we are but also how awesome we are

If you go to any planetarium you will often get an introduction showing just how vast we have discovered our universe to be.  As humans, we need everything to be a scale/comparison to fathom the size of an object and even when it’s spoon fed to us sometimes it’s just incomprehensible. That can be pretty daunting, but I take comfort in it sometimes.

Nebula SH2-115 ExoGalaxies Astronomy Day
Picture by ExoGalaxies

It makes for some of the best photographs

It’d be great to get out into the middle of nowhere and take some long exposures to see what hidden gems we can pick up! I absolutely love some of the photographs. Good people to follow for this sort of stuff are The Hubble Scope,, Exogalaxies and JoshKirkley to name but a few!

My good friend Geoffrey, who takes a lot of my featured astrophotography, has some perfect pictures in his portfolio! Mostly he focuses on things a little closer to home, but they’re all amazing!Gantrisch Astrophotography Geoffrey Schild Photography Space Themed Blog

It’s one of the most interesting science subjects

One of the best things about astronomy is that there is always new information to explore, something disproving our original theories and the whole time we are finding out more about our universe. Some of my favourite places to visit are Science Museums. They’re often aimed at kids but they also hold a wealth of information for adults too. One of my dreams is to visit the Kennedy Space Centre!

Astronomy Day Searching for life
Photo by Fussy Lemon

Everything Galaxy Patterned is absolutely perfect

I absolutely adore galaxy patterned fashion and accessories. I’ve loved it for a long time but now I’m always on the look-out. I previously published my Space Princess Gift Guide and nearer to my birthday I will post my space themed gift wishlist.

My Latest Purchase ^_^

I need some space tshirt boohoo astronomy day
One of my favourite new t-shirts!

It helps with Escapism

There’s so much going on in the world: with the doomsday clock reaching the closest to midnight it’s been since 1960, scientific research being put on the back-burner and other baffling political decisions being made everywhere it’s good to just escape once in a while. Looking out into the void and remembering what could be out there makes all of the small issues seem even smaller. It definitely helps you to clear your mind!

Disney Wall-E Astronomy Day

Some of the best stories and franchises are based on it

A scientist summoned to speak to aliens. A galactic empire at war with itself. A dystopian future with an astral escape route. Space offers us so many directions a writer/director/producer can go with their science fiction. It’s my favourite genre.

I could go on forever about all the games, books, franchises, films, toys and TV programs that are inspired by the great unknown! But there are way too many to mention. In the future, I aim to do a few posts introducing some of my favourites!

Space themed food is the tastiest (and definitely the most colourful!)

I am always on the look-out for new recipes that I can adapt into a spacey theme. My galaxy cheesecake was a super success and soon I plan to make another space recipe! I am always finding inspiration for this increasingly popular theme for baking!

National Astronomy Day Space Cake Goals
By Cloud 9 – Brighton

 Galaxy Themed Donut Galaxy Cakes
 Space Themed Cake

It inspires beautiful Designs

Satin and Tat (who I write blog posts for) have produced 2 invite designs that are perfect for space themed weddings. This is the kind of thing that is exactly up my street design wise; I mean come on, I designed my entire blog around it!

It’s beautiful, awe-inspiring and my favourite place to get inspiration. I am looking forward to the day that I can produce some artwork good enough to show off, but I am working on some galaxy ink-works (watch this space!)

Astronomy Day Mood Board
The space moodboard I did for Satin and Tats new releases!

There could be others like us out there

New Scientist Magazine confirms that there is huge potential for life on one of Saturn’s moons, after finding the perfect balance of gases and needed for a specific microorganism to thrive! That’s super exciting! There’s potential for life that could outlive us by hundreds of thousands of years!

In a little older news, the awesome guys and gals at NASA found a whole new solar system with 7 earth-size planets. We have literally no idea how much potential there is for not only life but sentient beings like us living 40 light years away.

I can’t wait to see what else they can uncover about these mysterious planets! Let’s hope whatever they find there is better at looking after their own planets than we are of ours…

Google Doodle Celebrated this in such a cute way!

Happy International Astronomy Day!

Hope you all have an awesome day, wherever you are in the ether! I might have to celebrate with cake…


A Geek’s Guide: How to be cool 100% of the time

So as most of you can tell, I am pretty much the authority on being cool… So I thought I’d share my grand knowledge with you all in the form of an A-Z on being cool 100% of the time.

Also officially introducing part of my new Logo courtesy of Satin and Tat!


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other word would smell as sweet.”  – From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

You don’t all have to be called Amy to be cool, but it just helps!


I think reading is super important for the soul. I’d say if you can’t afford to travel, then read. You’ll broaden your mind either way, and I don’t just mean with the mindless drivel you get in your local newspaper. Escape to another world, particularly when ours doesn’t go in the right direction… I love all kinds of fiction books but my favourite genre is time travel… give me a paradoxical nightmare and I am there! (or then?)

Bookworm, childhood


The best way to make an epic skyscraper is to lay some solid foundations and my childhood was pretty amazing (kudos to my parents). I think the best way to make sure your child grows up to be as cool as I, is to dress them in an Austen-esque dress regardless of gender or current trends. It will help get them on the track to a 100% cool factor.


I draw most of the day when I am bored but nothing ever becomes more than a scribble on a page. If I spend more than an hour on a single drawing then it’s a rarity. The pressures of social media make us feel like everything needs to be of a certain skill level to share with others, but don’t be afraid to draw every day, just for the joy in it!

Geoffrey Schild Photography
Astrophotography is another amazing image by Geoffrey Schild

Existential Crisis

Sometimes you just need to freak out at how insignificant you are to put things into perspective when you’re worrying too much! Just chill! Sometimes I think things in the shower, such as… the water that passes over you now, has existed for billions of years, has touched so many living things and will never touch you again. Does it really matter if you don’t finish that thing today? Probably not.


Your shared experiences help add to who you are. There are a select few I would call my true friends. The ones who add to my daily life, who I truly care for and place importance in. They help to make me who I am and for that, I’m really thankful. Okay, mushy stuff over.

Nostalgia MySpace Friendship Nerd
If I still had a MySpace… These guys would be my Top 8!


Okay, so if you’re still reading this may not be the first time you’ll want to roll your eyes (and it may not be the last.) I hate the whole “gamer chick” cliche and all that comes with it. I just want to say I LOVE GAMES. Please talk to me about games. Introduce me to games. Tell me things about cool games. I am not talking about FIFA or Battlefield… Think Bioshock, Life is Strange… Works of art in game form. GIMME.


One of the first things people notice about me is my hair. People tell me (frankly ridiculous) things like, “You should see what your hair is like straight!” How about HELL NO. Why would I take something that makes me unique, and then change it to fit in with everyone else? Do you even know me?!Curly Haired Nerd


Why do things the most direct way when you can do them in a completely convoluted way? Always act first and never think about what you’re going to do until it’s done… *facepalm*


Have a super smart boyfriend who helps to keep you on the right track towards being an ultra-nerd. You always need someone around who can fuel your passions and encourage you to pursue your dreams. Just when you think you’re starting to feel like life is a little bit ordinary or dull, you’ll both start dancing in the kitchen to National Express, and all will be right again with the world.

Kooky – See Quirky.

James and Me, Lego James and Me


Like many adults clinging to their youth, I have a huge passion for Lego. It’s one of those things you wish you had more of as a kid but it’s only affordable if you’re an adult with a bit of expendable income. I collect mini-figs (… those are the little people…) and I’d say it’s the first collection that I’ve been really passionate about!

My Little Pony

Bronies are the coolest. I don’t care what people say. Their fandom rivals that of Harry Potter, Sherlock and Dr Who combined. We aren’t all trilby wearing weirdos and MLP is ACTUALLY AMAZING. Did you enjoy cartoons as a kid? Do you like them as an adult? If so then give MLP a try – it’s not just for little girls.

Nineties Nerd

I was born at the end of the ’80s and so I grew up with all the new privileges of the ’90s and early ’00s. That perfect timing right where technologies became household necessities as I grew up. At this age, we have the ability to adapt to new things with a progressive respect and no fear of the new. We remember the days where we had to turn off the internet to use the phone and somehow it makes us have a respect for the wonders of tech too.


Despite being illogical in everyday situations I am super organised in the long term. I have at least 3 diaries, calendars and journals to make sure my time is organised!

90s emo kid purple cords and pogs slammers nerd culture
Purple Cords and POGz were the BEST.

Purple Cords

We all have phases in our teens. The times when we look back with a grimace and a swift self-edit. My purple-cord phase was one of those times but everyone should have a phase like this. If you didn’t, I don’t think that anyone could consider you to be cool.


So pretty much anyone who identifies themselves as “quirky” is a bit of a tool. But you try thinking up with something to describe yourself beginning with Q! I like quirky, as a word. I learned that there isn’t really a direct translation for quirky in some languages, and that’s a massive shame. Kooky is the closest but it doesn’t quite cut it unless you’re the kind of quirky that lives with a hundred cats in a shack in the woods.


Of course, I had to drop Harry Potter in here somewhere. I have a huge passion for Harry Potter (as you can probably tell from my previous posts). Ravenclaws have a thirst for knowledge and value wisdom, and that makes them super cool! If you too are a Ravenclaw then don’t worry – you’re just as sane as I am.

Ravenclaw Badge and Space Themed Intergalactic Bath Bomb


I have a real passion for Space-themed items, and try to fit them into my life wherever possible. If you want to do the same you might want to check out my Space Princess Gift Guide or Space Cheesecake posts!

Tiny Versions of big things

Ever look at a small version of something and just go EEK! THAT’S ADORABLE. This only happens to me… every day. Check out ThingsForAnts on Reddit if you want more examples of this. I also have a passion for tiny versions of food! I follow YouTubers such as Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade! So satisfying to watch!

Tiny Versions of Big Things


Make sure that all your outfits definitely don’t stand out from the crowd. Opt for plain colours like BEIGE and make sure you don’t see a pattern in sight. That’s the key to making sure that you blend in really well… Pfft.

Vintage Style

Vintage style is one of my passions – My hair just lends itself to victory rolls and you pretty much won’t see me out without a 50s style dress on. Every year I visit Goodwood Revival because it’s a haven of vintage culture that I get swept up in. It’s the best place on earth, probably! I love anything with an iconic history and I don’t just mean clothes. I can lose myself in a bric-a-brac store for hours, just checking out all the weird and wonderful items.Vintage Zaftig Girl

Wedding Blogger

Blogging for personal reasons is relatively new to me but I think I’d have been 20% cooler if I’d started doing it earlier. You can talk as much as you want, about whatever you want and you’ll have a load of fun memories from the process. I have been a blogger for Brooklyn Bridal for a year and a half now, and have recently started a new venture with Satin & Tat. Without sounding like Monica, I am pretty wedding obsessed. I think it stems from my love for parties, and after all – isn’t that what mostly what a wedding is?!

X Chromosome

I am a self-proclaimed feminist and I believe in breaking the stigma when we talk about women as pretty before we see them as clever or passionate or curious. I am proud to be a woman and all that involves! As is my good friend Lizzie who I collaborated with to make a feminist infographic! (and sells feminist art on her Etsy.)


Grab opportunities that life throws at you with both hands. We aren’t talking about a Yes-Man scenario but by saying yes to more things it just makes life more interesting. YES- I’ll take art classes with you… I’ll come on that trip… LET’S DO THIS THING! One of my goals is to say yes to more things.


This is a perfect word to describe me which I only found when trying to come up with things that being with Z. It has all of the descriptions with none of the negative connotations. I am of course not saying that you all must be like me but I embrace it as something that makes me who I am! Deal with it, dudes.

Well, you’ve made it to the end of this educational post and just by getting this far you have probably started noticing yourself changing into an awesome nerd.

Good luck with being cool 100% of the time!

Until Next Time