Just like the Moon, I go through phases… Starry Night Ball at the National Space Centre

Who doesn’t want to go to a ball? Events like this are so few and far between nowadays. Masquerades, black tie dinners and glamorous balls – they don’t happen enough! So when I learned of a Starry Night ball being held at one of my FAVOURITE places to be (the National Space Centre) I thought, I AM SO THERE.

The night started with an ice-breaking photo-shoot with Star Wars costumed actors and dry-iced complementary cocktails. As my friend, Lizzie and I mingled and posed with the characters we began to feel more at ease.


Everyone was so glamorous I felt so out of place! Next time, I will definitely opt for a full-length dress but because of the space theme, this GORGEOUS dress and fur stole from Lindy Bop served me well!

The Starry Night Ball – Official Photo!

Arianas Hope Starry Night Ball

After a brief introduction from the couple responsible for founding the charity, Ariana’s Hope, we were seated. It was a beautifully decorated setting with a chilled out atmosphere. You’d never think that by day it would be a museum – it was great to see somewhere I’ve visited so many times before in such a different way!

The charity organisers gave us mini gift bags from their sponsors and told us a little about how far they’ve come. We were then told that we were to look under our seats as there may be an envelope underneath – and I was a lucky winner!

Arianas Hope Starry Night Ball WinnerWoo-hoo! I won a free photo-shoot, which y’know, is great because of how freaking’ awkward I am in every photo…


We then ate a wonderful 3 course meal and met some lovely people. Unfortunately we had to do a Cinderella and scoot from the starry night ball before midnight! Overall it was a fabulous and fun night and I would definitely do it again! It was a beautiful setting, a great cause and a really enjoyable evening!



  1. Marion
    12th November 2017

    your dress is amazing 🙂

    1. Amy_Ether
      12th November 2017

      Thank you very much! 🙂 It’s from Lindy Bop – https://www.lindybop.co.uk/annie-night-sky-print-swing-dress.html

  2. Lizzie Bee
    19th November 2017

    This was such a lovely event but I feel like if the stormtroopers weren’t there I would’ve felt like such a potato against all of the ladies in their ball gowns. I’m glad you had fun though! I did too tehe. We should definitely keep our eyes peeled for the next ball (so that I can finally buy and wear a pretty ball gown!)

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