Oh my goth: Autumn Outfits in my Capsule Wardrobe

I never really had a “style” – it’s only post-pandemic that I’ve really looked at what I wear and thought, I am going to make full outfits that really match how I feel and who I want to present on the outside. It’s inspired me to make a post about my latest outfits… something I don’t really do but, ya know… now I feel like my style might be something to be desired?!

A Geek’s Guide: Ways I’ve been celebrating Halloween this Year

Halloween is on a Saturday this year – for the first time in who knows how long (probably calendars) – and I have really struggled to get into the spirit this year! Have you? I am one of those “Halloween season starts in September” people usually, but this year with no promise of going to a Halloween party any time soon I’ve been finding other ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

Writing Into The Ether: Lush Halloween Product Review

It’s not like I need an excuse nowadays to get a massive Lush order in. I spend about half my time in bed or in the bath nowadays since I’ve had the excuse not to go anywhere. Lush Halloween is just an excuse for me to buy a heck load of things that match my all year round aesthetic. So here’s a rundown of what I bought and what I thought! (Oh look, a little Halloween rhyme. You can ‘av that one for free.)