Coventry Alternative Market and a Spring update

Hello girls, gays and theys. How are we all? I’m so tired after a wonderful day out at Coventry Alternative Market (hosted by Bristol market). It was fun to goth up and grab some goodies!

Usually I become more active on my blog around springtime and I’m going to try to maintain that – I’m starting to think that I should just post more casually without the need for a “purpose” every time but as a blogger who mostly writes reviews and thought pieces, it’s hard to be more casual. I’ll work on it!

Anyway, Coventry Alternative Market was brilliant. Absolutely rammed with excited goffs and queers, of course, but a really fantastic array of stalls to choose from. A few of the ones that stood to me are pictured below but honestly there were too many to list – I’ve made a list over on my Instagram.

After an hour or so we left with a haul of accessories, candles, and this NEW HAT (pictured at the top and down below) . I love it so much. There was so much more to see but by about half way round I was very low on energy and very overwhelmed by everything there was to see!

This brings me onto my spoon levels. I find more and more nowadays my spoon levels are dropping even from small positive outings. I’d love to say they will come back but they’re just diminishing. I think lately I’ve been frustrated at myself for not having the energy to do nice things, but that’s super counterproductive when I need to rest and not stress.

This week whenever I’ve not been at work I’ve been horizontal and desperately trying to recover energy. After a few days rest it was lovely to be upright, with freshly dyed hair and feeling ready to take on the day. I’m tired now but if I rest enough, another positive day is sure to come my way soon. For now, I’ll curl up with my cat, order a Chinese and watch Hazbin Hotel with my girlfriend, who has now officially moved in with me! Speak soon ✨

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