Spooktober: Getting into the spirit of Halloween*

I planned to write a ton of Halloween themed posts this October, but I’ve been so busy making those Halloween plans that I’ve not managed to write a single one! Instead, I thought I’d share the ways I’ve been getting into the spirit of Halloween and managed to make it last all throughout October.

*Disclaimer: This post contains gifted content.

Visits to the Pumpkin Patch

My friends and I had a brilliant time at the pumpkin patch – we’re so lucky to have one so close to us! We messed around giving ourselves pumpkin heads, picking out pumpkins and generally having some girl time. Halloween is always an awesome excuse for trying something new with your friends!

Getting into the spirit of halloween pumpkin heads

Trying new Spooky Bubble Tea Flavours

After the pumpkins we all headed off to Bubble Boba (Coventry) to try some of their new bubble tea drinks. Witches Brew (which was one of the first drinks I reviewed for Bubble Boba last year!) is back on the menu and tasty as ever. I also tried a warm pumpkin drink – Jack ‘o’ Lantern which tastes like the smell of a candlelit pumpkin, and got to design my own bubble waffle!

Gothing Up for Any Reason

Every outing this month, I’ve been going gothy and making extra effort. I tend to just go for comfort in my clothes, and often I don’t mind where I am – I just go with what feels good. That said, I make much more effort in October to embody my inner emo kid. We went for afternoon tea and made sure to goth up for the occasion!

Getting into the spirit of halloween gothing up for halloween

Checking out Local Halloween Events

I am really lucky in that we have Halloween markets and events going on around our city – this year I’ll be spending Halloween at a Halloween Market! I grabbed this absolutely terrifying beauty in a market this October! (Yes, it’s a real tarantula shedding!)

Grabbing a Costume Early

I made sure I was super prepared this year and got my costume really early. I just opted for a nerdy Velma from Scooby Doo – but I plan to just go full glamour goth to most of the parties. I never usually feel comfortable in my costumes, but this one was super up my alley!

Velma Costume

Ordering a Japan Crate – Halloween Special

I love Japan Crates, and I always go for the Halloween special ones – they’re always so quirky and full of amazing themed treats that last me the whole month. This year there were apple pie Kitkats, caramel corn and tasty witch themed treats! I love it when my food matches my mood!

Having an awesomely spooky experience!

Whether it’s going to see Frankenstein at your local theatre, doing a ghost walk with friends or family, or going to take part in an immersive Halloween experience… just use it as an excuse to get friends together to do something new and exciting and break through the every day. That will always remain the reason why I never struggle when getting into the spirit of Halloween. <3

Getting into the spirit of halloween pumpkin patch

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  1. Nat
    26th October 2019

    Honestly love this post! 😀

    I really want to go to a pumpkin patch next week for photos and just to get out in the morning for some fun! I don’t know if I’ll buy one to carve, however. 😛


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