Nerds on Tour: Review of Nerdy Board Game Cafe, Shrewsbury

I first heard that Nerdy Coffee Co were opening a board game cafe in Shrewsbury, when I visited for a friend’s wedding. I had the good fortune of meeting the owners there and chatted about how exciting it was that they were opening soon.
So after my friends made their vows, I made one of my own – one day, I’d visit that board game cafe with the happy couple! And we did.

Stepping up to the front door I was so in awe of how massive and modern the place was, but at the same time so homely and inviting. There are two floors here so plenty of space for gaming, and the place was really popular – so we made sure to reserve a table.

The Scrabble sign was a lovely touch!

As it’s only £5 per person (or less if you’re a member), Nerdy makes its money from the food and drink – and it’s so worth it. The food there was so tasty; I don’t know how they make simple nachos or hummus and bread sticks taste so damn good. Just look at the size of this hot chocolate. Ugh, I’m dribbling just at the memory of it.

The game selection was great, and like in most board game cafes, they were arranged around the room in order of how long they take to play / how casual they were. We looked at some of the strategy games longingly, before deciding we didn’t have time and settled for some quick games of Stupid Deaths and Obama Llama 2.

Check out my post about Big Potato Games here (sponsored content) and explore Obama Llama 2 and some amazing other casual games.

I’d absolutely love to return to the Nerdy Board Game cafe for one of their D&D nights! I’d definitely go back and spend a “proper” amount of time there (aka hours and hours and hours!) I’m planning to write up a post about my favourite 5 board game cafes soon enough and this one is DEFINITELY on the list!

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  1. Lizzie Bee
    19th January 2020

    Gosh you got me drooling at the sound of nachos and that hot chocolate! I’ve only been to a game place once in Digbeth, but it was more of a room where you play games rather than a space/cafe. When you say £5 per person – is than the entry fee? So there’s no hourly fee? If so I think that’s a great price!

    This might not necessarily be my thing, but I’m sure my hubby would love it! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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