Major Adulting: Visiting Romania Part 2 – House of Dracula, Haute Cuisine and Home

Visiting Romania Transylvania Dracula's House

So where we left off in Visiting Romania Part 1, I was extremely tired. I didn’t write an entry before bed because I had been awake with very little sleep for around 36 hours. This is the part where things start to pick up… but I’ll let the diary entries and the images speak for themselves. Needless to say, it was an experience – and one which I will never forget!

Day 3

8 am (Feels like 5 am)

Last night I didn’t report before bed as I just needed a solid 8 hours! This morning I still feel disoriented but it’s not so bad… Breakfast was great because there was Nesquik. Whenever I’m in mainland Europe, I find I seek out the comforts of home. (Even though I am aware Nesquik is not English!) Off to the factory today to do some more training.


Training people can be a trial when you have a language barrier. I mean, a big barrier. My colleague can show them as it’s a practical thing but I’ve got to explain procedures and it’s a bit more difficult. Often you can tell if someone understands or not because they look confused but it’s difficult if they look confused regardless because they’re processing your accent!


Went out to get some food for lunch. It was a gorgeous chicken stew type thing with puree potatoes. Genuinely yummy! We went with the factory supervisor. She said she was surprised that in England they only kept cats and dogs, and not pigs and chickens. I guess it’s more practical to keep that kind of animal!

Visiting Romania Worcestershire Sauce Chicken and Puree Potatoes

I pointed out that her nails looked good. She said that in other countries when they have money they “buy furniture and things”, but in Romania, if they have excess money then they make their nails look good! I didn’t expect this kind of explanation on a passing comment. It seems that they don’t treat themselves often. It made me feel thankful for all I have back home.

They don’t have advertisements anywhere and I know it sounds odd but after thinking about it, it makes sense. They don’t have excess money and everyone knows where everything is so why would anyone need to advertise. Occasionally there is a sign for a local shop or beer. It’s really simple here.
Owls in Romania


Outside the factory, there are owls nesting in the trees. When I saw them I got really emotional! Probably because it was such a beautiful thing when I was struggling to see the joy here. It made me realise in that moment that it’s what I love the most – seeing nature and especially animals.


An English speaking man said that we should come back for a holiday when it’s warm. He said there are some really beautiful places. I’m inclined to believe him… But I just don’t think I could unless I had to! It’s been a tiring few days. We are driving back now and almost like a movie… “What a Wonderful World” has come on the radio.
Dracula's House Transylvania


Dracula's House Transylvania


I tried red wine and actually enjoyed it! It was called Vardo Patima Serii or “The Flame of the Night”. They also do drinks based around water, air and earth – I LOVE anything to do with the elements and my inner branding nerd likes this. I am going to have to try them all…

We had a lovely evening with our host. The food was wonderful, the company was great. We visited Dracula’s house and the surrounding area. It was so icy and they don’t really grit the paths so everything was super slippy! We had a great laugh walking down the hill and sliding everywhere. I can imagine this place is really iconic and is a lovely place to visit in the summer.Today has been the highlight of the trip. It was so beautiful and I enjoyed every minute.

Red Wine Romania
I finally found a red wine that I liked! Unfortunately it was the most expensive…
Stuffed Chicken and Rice
The menu said “Chicken and Rice” Needless to say, this was an unexpected surprise!
Josef. T when Visiting Romania
Very Vampiric Decor!

Day 4 -The last Day

9 am

It was lovely to say goodbye to the ladies and see how much progress they’d made thanks to my colleague. Everything seems to be in hand and I feel like we have accomplished what we set out to do! The people here are very friendly and they all gave us 2 kisses on the cheek to say goodbye. I am really optimistic that this venture will be a success! Time to pack up and go home – it’s a bittersweet feeling.


Through passport control, it doesn’t look foggy outside!?! Fingers crossed it will go well. I can’t wait for home and bed. I bought some Dracula themed goodies to take home with me. A bottle of Romanian brandy and a Transylvania teacup! Feeling a little better now I know we are on the way home.

7pm  – Last few hours!

We have officially arrived on English soil! Phew. Such a long and laborious journey… Only a 1 hour wait until the coach and 2 hours in the coach and a cab to my house to go! Woohoo! In retrospect, these few days has gone fast once that eternity of a first night ended. I got gradually more interested in my surroundings and the culture and just like that, I am home.
 Dracula's Potion and Transylvania TeaCup
So my trip to Romania is over and as I come to the end of this adventure I wonder- what will be my next?
Until Next Time,


  1. Katie
    30th January 2017

    Really interesting trip and to visit somewhere that not many of us would go. Love the owl and the architecture too. It’s odd to think of a place with no need to advertise, and makes you thankful for all you have.

    1. Amy_Ether
      2nd February 2017

      Thanks Katie! It was a great experience 🙂

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