Kenilworth Day with LizzieBee

Just wanted to write about my lovely day with Lizzie today because it is always so nice to just chill with her and chat.

We have officially been friends for 13 years now which is CRAZY! We didn’t celebrate as such but I just wanted to mark the day in this blog post!

We just went for a casual stroll around the outside of Kenilworth Castle because it was so sunny and bright (and the castle itself is super spenny so we decided to go around!) Despite having new, stronger allergy tablets I was REALLY suffering today, especially around all the flowers *sob*.

We wandered around, stopped at the Queen and Castle pub for a drink and chat, then headed off back to Coventry to our local bubble tea place as we didn’t want the day to end just yet! We always have so much to talk about even though we chat every week (I’m guessing mostly because we’re both sooo ☆interesting and fun☆

Now, I’m back at home with my kitty and my bubble tea, reading in the garden, dreaming of going to a Winter Fae Ball that’s coming to the Midlands this year… Such a peaceful weekend!

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