Wizard’s Afternoon Tea at Cutter and Squidge Potion Room

Cutter and Squidge Potion Room is a masterpiece of wizardry. Set in a basement in the heart of Soho, it transports you right across the magical plane through the power of immersive dining, potion making and general silliness! We giggled with anticipation as we were taken down the steps to the underground potion room and shown to our seats. It was here that the magic unfolded…

Cutter and Squidge Potion Room Wizards Afternoon Tea

As soon as we entered the room we were transported to another magical realm. The tables were made up with beakers filled with coloured liquids, potion vials, small pewter-look cauldrons and our very own wands and we were set to work and led through the potion making.

Our host, the enchanting Leslie Lazuli, (yes, I had a bit of a crush on her) sorted us into our tea houses – I settled for a quintessentially traditional English Breakfast. Then she set us to the task of mixing together a tasty concoction of “Galaxy Juice”. Mix dragons blood, unicorn tears and passion-bug juice and what do you get? I don’t know, but it was bloomin’ tasty.

Next we created a bubbling cauldron – mine failed so I didn’t take any pictures, even though the cauldrons themselves were so cute! It was in this moment I wondered if I was really the master wizard I thought I was. Then I thought… nah, I’m brilliant. Anyway, on to the bit we’ve all been waiting for… the wizard’s afternoon tea!

Tiny Yorkshire puddings, roast chicken dinner and ham sandwiches and a mini cheese pie were the first “course” of the afternoon tea – all served on a beautiful bird cage by The Potion Room’s Prefects. To drink, I had a Goblin’s Punch cocktail – a green apple flavoured masterpiece for the taste-buds.

Cutter and Squidge Potion Bottle

Now for the dessert, or more accurately, the seven desserts, to complement our chosen tea from within our rustic teapots. The infamous sweet treats are what Cutter and Squidge pride themselves on the most. Knickerbocker trifle, Cauldron ‘Biskies’, and my personal favourite the Rock Cakes, were all there to be devoured…

… and devour them, we did. We were so full, we could barely even finish the last bites as the plates were gracefully removed from the tables to give us our final surprise. Three more desserts to take home! Well, unless you’re me, and you answer a pop-quiz question correctly and get an extra fourth cake to take home! You know I’m on the road to Head Girl status.

Ravenclaw Head Girl Cutter and Squidge Potion Room
Cutter and Squidge Potion Room Photo Op

We even got chance to take some amazing photos behind the potions master’s counter and we got so into it and loved every moment of it! But that wasn’t all that we received. I couldn’t believe my luck when Lesley said we would all be receiving badges to commemorate our graduation from the Potions Academy. We could barely contain our excitement – as they were handed out to us we could barely contain the squeaks of “BADGES!” You know how much I love them…

Cutter and Squidge Potion Room BADGES

Such an incredible experience! Thank you so much to my partner-in-crime and all-round best witch, Lizzie, for accompanying me to my belated birthday treat! Thanks to Leslie and the Cutter and Squidge team for making the night absolutely sensational, and special thanks to my lovely mother and sister for sending me off to the Potion Room for the evening. You’re now looking at a fully-fledged graduate of the Potions Academy – surely the only degree you ever need in life!

Cutter and Squidge Potion Room Photo Opportunity
Cutter and Squidge Potion Room

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