A Geek’s Guide: Nerdy Office Wear Items and Where to Find Them*

Does anyone else really struggle to bring their nerdy nature with them to work? For me I always have to tone myself down, go “main-stream” and buy fashion items, when all I really want to do is get into that nerdy sweater that’s hanging in my wardrobe. So I decided it was time to do a little digging to find some epic nerdy office wear…

*This post includes a discount code provided to me by the lovely guys over at Insert coin clothing! Check it out below! 

From Insert Coin Clothing

Being plus size is hard enough in itself when buying nerd gear; most of the time it’s just not catered to us, or we have to opt for something super out of budget. Not only this but when you’re throwing in the ‘suitable for work’ element, it’s damn near impossible to maintain nerd status while still being work-ready!

So I’ve been trawling the internet, so you don’t have to, for the best places to buy nerdy clothes that don’t break the bank AND can be worn around the office.

Bookish Dress by Joanie Clothing

I absolutely love Joanie Clothing for their office wear. In general their stuff is retro themed which is a bonus, but for the really bookish amongst us, we may want to take things to a new level. What could be better than literally wearing those books we love so much. Librarian chic is my absolute favourite look!

Playstation T-Shirt Insert Coin Clothing

Playstation Striped Tee by Insert Coin Clothing

The quality of this t-shirt is so good and brilliantly comfortable! The lovely guys over at InsertCoin gave me a discount code for my lovely followers! Use code ICWITE20 for 20% off! The design is so subtle that it’s super easy to get away with. One way you can do this is to opt for a black blazer or cardigan and smart trousers and boom! Work ready.

Make it a Critical Hit – Dice Dress from RedBubble

If like me, you love your D’n’D and just want to take it to the office with you, then look no further. There were SO many D20 and Dice dresses on RedBubble, but this one just stole the subtlety points. Again, if you couple something like this with a blazer it will really work!

For more of my “Critical Hit” D’n’D posts (such as my D’n’D Gift Guide – click here!)

Hear me out on this one… Darth Vader Blazer by ThinkGeek

Take a minute to get past the light-sabre in the image, and you will realise that actually this blazer is very well designed to be subtly geeky but also incredibly smart. The small details on this make it extremely wearable, if you’re a Star Wars fanatic!

 The Most Subtle Nerd Dresses by EMP

Whatever fandom you can’t get enough of, there’s definitely something out there for you that can meet the toned-down nerd looks that you need. After much searching I found these dresses, which to the untrained eye would look like any other work outfit… But to you, it’s a nerdy hurrah to your favourite  TV show or movie. 

From left to right: Outlander, Supernatural and Alice in Wonderland

Playstation Socks by Insert Coin Clothing

A lot of us opt for black socks, in case of the odd “ankle-on-show” moment at work that make the gentlemen gasp. What I loved about this design is that they are super subtle, but with the added bonus of being ultra-nerdy so you can feel your true self underneath!

And if all else fails… There’s always Stationery!

I hope you found this nerdy office wear guide helpful! It was so much fun to write and don’t forget to use the discount code ICWITE20 for 20% off at Insert Coin Clothing right up until June 30th!

11 thoughts on “A Geek’s Guide: Nerdy Office Wear Items and Where to Find Them*

  1. Absolutely love that bookish dress, not sure I could pull it off but it’s amazing! Really like the Outlander dress too even though Outlander isn’t something I watch. Feel the need to get the PlayStation socks…

  2. Great guide – my Mass Effect shirt is on its way from insert coin!

    Any recommendations for sites that do good long sleeve’d t shirts?

    • Aw, that’s such a shame! My dress code in the office is “Dress for your day” which is nice… but they still don’t allow slogan t-shirts and other nerdy things like that!
      These things are subtle enough for most office workers to get away with – it’s all about how you dress them up (with black blazers, shoes etc!)

  3. Oh my God I LOVE that Darth Vader blazer! :O I may have to pick that up in the future. 😉

    I love this post so much! At my current office I get to dress very casual office based so I live in my tartan trousers and rainbow cardigans, but with my new job starting soon I need to be more serious now! However, I love this post as it’s giving me ideas for how I can be subtle but show off my geeky side too. 😛


    • Yes! Bring out the nerdiness. I have a Groot sitting on my desk and often try to subtly bring nerdiness into the office, on the off chance someone there will go “Awww I LOVE D&D” or something xD

  4. I love the subtlety of some of these pieces :] Especially the Playstation tee!
    A trip to the (online) shops may be in order!

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