13 ways to celebrate the Spooky Season (Halloween, Samhain and the ever-growing darkness)

Happy Spooky Season everyone! It’s been a long time coming, what with these odd summer September days, not that I mind that at all! I’ve been gearing up for spooky season since around July (when HomeSense brings out the first of it’s Halloween goodies that warm my dirty goffic heart). But now, the reaaal fun begins!

October is always an exceptionally busy time for me, and with all the summer witchy celebrations in August and September too I’ve had quite the time of it recently! It’s been really fun but absolutely exhausting, so a lot of my plans as the nights grow darker are going to involve cuddling up indoors once the fun of the Spook is over. I am actually really looking forward to the long cosy nights in.

But until then – here’s what I am planning to do over the next few weeks! I hope this inspires you to take up some spooky plans – it’s not just about Halloween, it’s about embracing the seasons – and it’s a great excuse for fun activities.

1. Seeing some spooky plays at my local theatre

The Belgrade in Coventry has some cracking plays coming in its Autumn/Winter program! Two of which are spooky themed (so of course I bit their hand off!) One is a modern thriller called ‘Phantasmagoria‘, and the other is a retelling of a classic – Dracula: Mina’s Reckoning with an all-woman cast! I am so excited for that!

2. Redecorating my altar, doing tarot reads… etc.

At the Autumn Equinox, I rearranged my altar and added some seasonal decorations which are slowly going to become more and more spooky and dark as the nights draw in. I’m also going to try and do a tarot reading each day (that’s my October goal!).

3. Spooky Halloween crafts

I have a Halloween tree this year and I bought a bunch of decorations to paint and put on it! It’s starting to come together really nicely – spirits, skulls, skeletons, witches houses, witches, cats and bats are all making an appearance! I am also going to bake some themed cookies too! <3

4. Pumpkin Picking

I was super disappointed with my last pumpkin patch experience! I went with my friends a few years ago and it was absolutely full of people and they couldn’t cope with the demand. It was horrible considering that the pandemic had just ‘ended’ and we were all very nervous in public! But!!! the people who run it have now relocated (hopefully) to a better location, so my girlfriend and I are going to go and be cute and pick out some pumpkins together.

5. Host a Halloween Party

I bought a load of spooky decorations for my ‘Vampires and Witches’ Birthday party this year, so you better believe I will be cracking them out again! I am not sure it’ll be such a big gathering but some board games and food with good friends is always lovely! <3

666. Going to a Halloween Market

I do adore a local market where I can rummage among the spooky wares! There are a few markets throughout October I am going to make an appearance at. Can’t wait to support some small businesses and get some spooky goodies for my house!

7. Running a special Curse of Strahd D&D session

I’ve been running ‘Curse of Strahd’ for my friends for a while now – it’s a very creepy, vampire and werewolf-laden story, with lots of strange oddities woven in. I’m going to run a very special session where I spook up the place… and the players are in for a treat (or trick… ooOohooOOH).

8. Attending a Blood Moon Ceremony

The October full moon is also known as the Blood Moon and I’ll be attending an event called The Magic of Samhain, where I’ll be joining a local coven to celebrate Samhain and the Blood Moon – super spooooooky! (Joking aside, Samhain is a really important time for us witches!)

9. Visiting a witch festival

In a town nearby to me there’s a two-day witch festival / market which has a host of workshops I am super excited about! I’ve still not popped up a review about the last festival I went to (because I wrote about it a lot in my private journals) but I am looking forward to even more learning from other witches!

10. Watching some classic (non-spooky) Halloween movies

Hocus Pocus, Hocus Pocus 2, Fright Night… Basically anything vampy and witchy – I am THERE. I am not a big fan of horror movies but I don’t mind a cheesy, spooky film. I am excited to just snuggle down with my big witchy mug full of hot chocolate!

11. Online lectures and workshops

I’ve signed up for a whole host of witchy workshops and spooky themed lectures – life drawing, meditation, feminist talks, writing classes, history lessons, foraging advice, ritual cleansing practice and so much more! I am really excited for some nice nights in listening to some wise women.

12. Cracking out all my ‘goffice’ wear

I work a 9-5 and I try to bring in just a little spook every time I go to the office with some ‘goffice’ outfits. I’ll be trying to wear as many pairs of Halloween snag tights as I can manage this October (plus, of course, my usual spooky attire levelled up!)

13. Marking Samhain with a ritual

Of course, the reason we celebrate Halloween at all is because of Samhain, and this will be the first year that I properly mark it. I’ve been a witch… well, all my life… but a practising witch for around 3 years. Other things have got in the way or distracted me but this year I’ve been able to mark every Sabbat and I’ve really enjoyed living by the wheel of the year.

I hope you all have an excellent October, filled with comfortable evenings, relaxing days and fun activities! For those celebrating Samhain, I hope it’s all you wish it to be! <3

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