A Tourist In My Home-Town: Medieval Meanderings and Macabre Stories!

You may recall my recent post about the Herbert Art Gallery and it’s amazing hidden Medieval Undercroft, that I had the pleasure of visiting. My friend Dom, who is a historian offered me an exclusive tour and then we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the area and ended up in the Holy Trinity Church.

I just wanted to share with you just a few of the stories and interesting facts that Dom told me during our wanderings. It was incredibly interesting to learn of the background behind the carvings, the inscriptions and the layers upon layers of incredible historical masterpieces.

The Green Man of Mystery

The Green Man (above) was a popular image in carvings and reliefs all over the church and the cathedral. It appears that it could be a pagan symbol, however the real reasons as to why these are so prominent and frequent throughout Christian churches like these have been lost to time. It could have been that it was just a popular motif used in Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture.

Mister Blue Sky

The inside of the church ceiling is intricately detailed with stars and dyed blue with to keep with the 1400’s blue dye that Coventry was famous for during it’s time as a spearhead for cloth waving and dyeing.

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Men and their Misericords

Meisercords or Misericords (which I could not pronounce at all!) are wooden perches which are at bum-height, so you can take the weight off while praying and give the appearance of standing. They have many interesting carvings, like green men and wodwos. (I also learned what a wodwos was! – Dom has more to say on this here.)

The Bishop’s Loophole

Dom mentioned of a Scottish Bishop whose feet were never allowed to touch English hallowed ground. So of course, in order to get around this the English church exploited a loophole. They built the Bishop a high chair (below), so that when he was carried in and placed down, his feet never touched the ground.

Wanna hear something gross?

The dead were often buried in caskets like the ones above, which were made of solid stone and lead-lined. Due to this oversight, when the bodies decomposed and released gases and fluids there was nowhere for these to escape and so were often prone to explode if disturbed!

Thanks so much to Dom and to the Holy Trinity Church for not kicking us out when they closed around us and we had to be let out of the little door- we must have been enjoying ourselves too much! 


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Major Adulting: Pep Talks for Poor Time Management

I am absolutely terrible at sticking to deadlines. I cannot believe that I produced a 2 year bucket list, “30 Before 30” and I’m not even half done with less than a year left! I feel like things got on top of me over the summer and my time management has just gone.

I like to fill my time as much as possible, and when I am finally alone, I feel so exhausted I’m not productive. When I manage to produce a blog post it’s usually last minute or overdue, and I never meet my self-imposed deadlines. But… maybe that’s okay.

A Tourist in my Home-Town: Historic Coventry and the Herbert Undercroft

You often do not realise the beauty that lies right before you. My friend from Switzerland for example, hardly ever took pictures of the beautiful mountains and landscapes that surrounded him until I looked at them in awe when I visited.

This weekend,  I took the time to look at just how beautiful and historic Coventry was, and saw things I hadnt noticed until I looked at it with such tourist-like focus. I have always been proud of my city; it’s something that’s kinda instilled in us Coventrians but most of my pride lay within it’s latest developments and not it’s history.

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So many of us want to break into more nerdy card games and geeky board games, but where to start? I am quite lucky in that I have a great group of friends who introduced me into this world of geeky board games and card games! Sometimes you can’t commit enough time to a full Dungeons and Dragons campaign (although I did for the first time this week and it was AMAZING). Sometimes an awfully complicated strategy game can also take hours to set up.

Sometimes you just need to start small, and aim high.

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This month marked the 6th ever Muggle Musings (the Harry Potter Discussion Group I host)… and it’s been going well so far! During the last 6 meetings, we’ve discussed Harry Potter himself, Supporting Characters, Evil Characters, Magical Creatures, Hogwarts Teachers and Muggle-Wizard relations.

We come up with a million different theories about the wizarding world in every meeting and so I thought I’d pick out just a few of the highlights, seeing as it’s Harry Potter’s Birthday!

Pain, Persuasion and Paper-Craft: Making Comic Book Flowers in 5 Easy Steps

Just a quick extra thing because I’m super excited about this! It’s been my intention for a while now to learn how to create paper flowers, so when my favourite place in Coventry (yeah, you guessed it) The Big Comfy Bookshop, ran a small crafting course on how to make them, I jumped at the chance! So now, I shall pass this knowledge onto you in the form of comic book flowers (and encourage you to come along to the next session, or to another of their events.)