Embracing my Capacity for Creativity with London Drawing Group

How have you been this lock-down? Since I am pretty sure all my readers are UK based and now in the drudgery of a third lock-down, I think we can assume we’re all feeling the same. Lethargic. I feel like the joy and energy has been sapped from life, and I am just waiting out until the end and hoping for the best. Daily, it’s a struggle. But these mini lectures and art workshops have given me little pockets of meaningfulness and learning, so I wanted to share them with you.

About Emese: Interview with Contemporary Abstract Artist, Emese Baksay.

Emese Baksay is a Hungarian American currently living in England who specialises in art forms inspired by nature and abstract concepts. All her pieces are originals (no prints currently, but phone cases are on the cards in the near future!) and all completely unique. We got in contact through our blogging network and I thought, wow this lady has some talent! We had a chat and discussed some of her inspirations as a contemporary abstract artist.

What first inspired you to create?

A Geek’s Guide: How to Write a Seriously Epic Sci-Fi Story

We all know that there are a LOT of sci-fi stories out there. I mean, there are whole sections of book shops dedicated to the genre. Speaking of which, I now sponsor one! I pledged to help my local BookShop’s expansion and they let me brand their sci-fi section. In celebration, I decided to explore what makes a good sci-fi story?

To answer this question, I took 2 sample texts, from “Amy’s Storys” (sic) written by 8-year-old me, to analyse as core texts. It’s as good a starting point as any…

A Geek’s Guide: A Brief History of Feminism Infographic!

Let’s begin with a Google’s definition of feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. This seems straightforward but what is feminism really? How has it progressed? In the words of Emma Watson, “Why is the word such an uncomfortable one?” To answer this I thought what better than a feminism infographic?

I did a bit of digging on the subject and then asked my good friend and fellow feminist, Lizzie Owen, to help present all my research in a beautiful and digestible format! Lizzie is a blogger and graphic designer who often features feminist quotes in her artwork.

So here it is! We hope you find it as informative and interesting as we did when making it!

Internal Debate: Whose voice is it anyway?

Spanish Sea Salou Overwhelming Thoughts Crashing Waves

I’ve decided to try out a new post style – the Internal Debate! These will just be “thinking out loud” kind of posts.
So in this post, I’m looking into the voices we use and discussing which is “the true you” – Inner voice, Public voice or Online voice? We all know we speak with different voices to address different people we come into contact with. But which truly represents us?

The Inner Voice

You’ve likely all seen the memes, that inner demon voice! The one who tells you to take another biscuit or pretend to be asleep so you don’t have anyone sit next to you on the train…
The one who secretly loves that “Schadenfreude” feeling when you see someone miss a bus. It’s one of those smug little voices that make you laugh at everyday misfortunes.

Other than these more harmless things, my inner voice tends to demoralise my thoughts.

  • “…but who actually cares…”
  • “… remove that artwork from Facebook – it’s just not good enough!”
  • “…but you’re so insignificant in this world of a billion voices.”

Most of the time I find that I am actually battling against myself to remain positive. I can be really easily triggered into negativity and often my inner voice is so strong that I struggle to stop it from becoming my public voice. Often thanks to my inner voice, I end up saying ridiculous things I don’t mean… Can any of you relate?

In 2016 I actually cut myself off from things I loved – it was a form of self-preservation. I am hoping to take a few more risks now and not be afraid to fail!
It took me a long time to prove (to myself mostly) that you should:

  • Do things because you love them
  • Say things if you feel real passion for the subject
  • Take more risks and not be afraid to fail
  • Not be afraid to write things down even if there’s no-one there to read them.

The Public Voice

The external voice used to address friends, family, people you know and can be yourself around. Ultimately what I would deem to be “me”, as I tend to be quite open and honest with my feelings towards everyone I love. I’d hope that everyone else that I know could feel comfortable enough to do the same. Life is way too short for filtering yourself, putting yourself down or worrying. If you’re speaking with good intentions and thoughts and not hate, then I’d say fire away.

The Online Voice

The voice we use when posting online content. I think this is what this whole post has been leading to. I’ve blogged for a few years now but you’d never know it was me who was writing. On my work blog, I’m a SUPER positive sales-person. My aim is to keep my online voice in this blog as true a reflection of myself as possible.

This could prove to be difficult! It seems the key to successful blogs is to target your readers by changing your writing style to promote yourself as a brand. Often you need to use language that fits with your audience’s demographic. Currently, it’s words like Holla! or Slay! I could go on but basically anything from the Missguided homepage. That’s just not me!

I know I’ve changed my online voice to meet the trends (hence cringing at what I thought was okay to post on Facebook in 2008) but after looking back at my academic blog posts from 2010  it seems my online voice hasn’t changed all that much. So I hope I can maintain that… and I guess let’s just see where this blog leads!

So what do you think? Do you feel how you’re perceived is how you truly are? Is it ever really possible?

Until next time,

Lake View Switzerland Interlaken

Major Adulting: Collaborating with Satin and Tat

So, as I keep saying I am completely new to the blogging scene. I have no idea how popular my site is, how many readers I have and at the moment I am happy to be slightly oblivious rather than worrying about the figures. What I didn’t expect to hear was that my blog is already making a positive impression on people. I’d received really lovely comments from friends and acquaintances but I never expected it’d been well received further afield… Sharon Lyttle (a designer of alternative wedding details) approached her peers for someone to write short posts for her new-look website and now, we work together!

That Escalated Quickly Satin and Tat
That Escalated Quickly!

I jumped straight out of my comfort zone and decided to offer to write for her; after all, I already write on a regular basis for my own blog and as part of my wedding industry work. She said she had read my stuff and she loved my writing style! I was such a scaredy-cat that I’d almost not offered, but she had thought I’d say no so she hadn’t asked straight away for me to work with her. (We humans can be so funny.) I guess it just proves you should grab every opportunity with both hands! And so here I am… a part of the team!

Satin and Tat

Satin & Tat was born in 2012, following the success of Sharon’s own quirky wedding invites – so she just kept designing. Like me, she has a love of the macabre and an obsession with design, illustration and typography so she decided to share it with everyone. She focuses on designing for quirky, style-savvy Brides and Grooms for their off-beat, fashion-forward or vintage style weddings.


Sharon from Satin and Tat Alternative Wedding Design
The Wonderfully Talented Sharon from Satin and Tat

We were both thrilled to collaborate with one another and so I got to work on my first piece which is now live! It’s entirely focused on Save-The-Dates as Satin and Tat have an offer running at the moment. 10% off  Full Invite Suites when you purchase Save the Dates during February! We also have more design themed posts in the pipeline so… watch this space! I am so happy to help represent her brand and to be getting a new push in the right direction for my new calling!

Vintage Roses Camera Moodboard From Satin and Tat
Click to see my first post with Satin & Tat!

So… If anyone needs me to do some creative writing for them – hit me up!

You know where to find me

Until Next Time…