Oh hey, it me. AKA the Come-back that Absolutely Nobody asked for

Heyyyy! It’s ya girl, Amy, back at it again with some awesome new conte… no, I can’t keep this up. Yeah, hi – I was gone, and now I’m back. Over the course of the year I’ve not really felt like blogging. I mean, who could blame me for not exactly feeling motivated enough to do anything but dip my toe occasionally. But I thought, seeing as it’s Halloween season (aka… September right up to October 31st) I’d start producing some more posts for my favourite time of the year.

That’s a Wrap, Folks! My 2017 Blogging Highlights

2017 in general has been one of the best years ever, fuelled in part to my blog. Not including all the life events I’ve been through this year, my blog has allowed me to set myself goals, think about my photography and find new places to explore! So let’s take a look back on my year’s blogging highlights!

I will be next writing to you in February!

I am on hiatus for January; a chance to get creative, do some prep to get ahead and get some goals completed! This year has been non-stop and I feel like a break to recuperate is in order… (Unless I get bored and want to post, which is just as likely!)

So without further ado, here are just a few of the blogging highlights of my year…

About Emese: Interview with Contemporary Abstract Artist, Emese Baksay.

Emese Baksay is a Hungarian American currently living in England who specialises in art forms inspired by nature and abstract concepts. All her pieces are originals (no prints currently, but phone cases are on the cards in the near future!) and all completely unique. We got in contact through our blogging network and I thought, wow this lady has some talent! We had a chat and discussed some of her inspirations as a contemporary abstract artist.

What first inspired you to create?