A Wild MidWeek Post Appears! What’s new for this Coventry Blogger…

Hi Everyone!

It’s not very often that I spontaneously post mid-week! I tend to schedule my time to the letter, so it’s quite refreshing to write to you on a whim – I’ll definitely need to do this more often.

Comedy Night at BackHaus, Coventry

The reason I thought I’d crack open my notebook today is that yesterday I attended the first ever comedy night at Backhaus&Co. (What better way to spend a Tuesday evening?) The event was superb, especially for an opening night, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

Now, I am terrible for cringe moments; those awkward points in comedy shows when no-one laughs is a thing I dread. But there were no such moments last night! Even when a joke fell flat (as it was a testing new material night) the acts were SO great. They just carried on with their self-deprecating laughs and just got on with it.

Speaking of the acts, they were amazing! Michael (the compere) was a wonderful host and comedian in his own right. By far my favourite was Eric Rushton – his humour and general execution had us in stitches. The venue was great, the staff were enthusiastic and friendly and the atmosphere was great. I am thoroughly looking forward to the next one and I hope to see you there!

Harry Potter Discussion Group, Coventry

As some of you may know, I am currently planning a Harry Potter discussion group for later this month. Coventry Telegraph published a piece about it last week, and now the event has gathered so much interest that I am wondering if we will all fit in the Bookshop! It looks to be a brilliant Saturday afternoon, and I can’t wait to meet people (but hopefully not hundreds…)!

Switzerland Trip

In March, I am heading off to Switzerland for a mini-break. Can’t wait to go into that amazingly calm and idyllic countryside to get some rest and switch off for a few days! I’ll be sure to document my time there and give you a little insight into my trip!

More Collaborations

I’ve been lucky enough to be approached for some more collaborations! Coming up I will be writing for a few blogs, interviewing some more interesting Coventry locals and reviewing some more products and events. If you’d also like to work with me as a local Coventry Blogger, please do email me on Amy@Writingintotheether.com

Until next time! Amy


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