Well, that’s not very Christmassy

Wow, its been a while since I updated my blog (other than a cheeky panto visit). I guess recently I’ve been adjusting to a few changes…

In the interests of being open and not feeling any shame around mental health issues, I’ve started on antidepressants for the first time in my life (I know right… Only the first time??) and I’m only just adjusting to them almost 6 weeks on.

Things got easier almost instantly when I took them (although I needed to nap a few times a day). Whereas before I had to weigh up whether I had the mental energy to do everyday tasks, now I’m able to do them without it being a struggle. I have also been resting loads – I think that antidepressants made me also less anxious generally and I fully crashed out after months of inner turmoil.

So now, I’m almost back to my normal self, albeit with some brain fog and needing to rest a lot. I’m working on things, everything feels a little easier and I’m actually able to feel positive feelings again for the first time in a while. I still have my dark days, but mostly they’ve been better.

So in conclusion, I’ve been chilling and therefore not posted here. I’ve not done a lot this past few months except some nice days with friends, which I’ll put pictures of within this post. I’m looking forward to more plans over Christmas!

Anyone else just get a bit anxious around Christmas time? I really try to enjoy it but I’m always worried I won’t – and so I don’t. There’s always a little black cloud over my head. Finances are not greaaaat for me right now but I’m so lucky this year that I’ve got some lovely quiet plans with those closest to me to look forward to. I’m getting into the spirit a little already… With a goth twist, of course.

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