Ultraviolet Vibes: Why I love the Ultra-vibrant Purple Pantone of the Year

I know that I am super ahead of the trend ‘n’ all that, but when I found out that the Pantone of the Year was Ultraviolet, I just jumped for joy. Last year’s Pantone, Luminous Green just wasn’t my thing, (but anyway that’s so 2017.)

After having an Ultraviolet blog theme and tons of galaxy-laden clothes for my whole life, the trend setters have finally caught up with me… and designers are going mad for the colour and it’s space-like associations!

So here are just a few reasons why I love this Ultraviolet Pantone of the Year!

It’s the “underdog” of the colour palette

Purple is an unappreciated colour when it comes to design. After working for a design company for 5 years, it’s finally being forecast in design trends for the next few years. Hooray!

It’s the colour of my birthstone

My birthstone is Alexandrite – a very rare colour-changing jewel. It can often be seen in certain lights as reddish purple, and other lights as blueish green.

It reminds me of Space themed things!

Pantone immediately began to use space in their press images as they released what would be this year’s colour. It gave me such a buzz to know it fit so well with the things I loved, and immediately inspired me to start getting creative.

It’s associated with Luxury

Purple has always been in UK culture a symbol of status and luxury. In history, only the wealthy could afford these kind of dye stuffs and garments, so it eventually gave way to be associated with prestige and quality. (Just like my blog…ahem.)

Here are just a few of my new Ultraviolet must-haves!

1. Stardust Geode Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity

I absolutely love EE. Their stuff is incredible, and completely well, me! While looking for Ultra-violet rays I found this perfect little rocky piece.

2. Mega Matte Vice Lipstick by Urban Decay

I have only recently become accustomed to purple lipsticks. With my dark purple hair it was just perfect, but my hair is now red. Time to rethink my hair choices…

 3. Dolphin Trainers by Lindy Bop

So long and thanks for all the fish! So sad that it should come to this? We tried to warn you all but oh deaaaaar…
Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t buy these or I’d never be able to stop singing that song…

4. Galaxy Girl Figurine by Momji

I absolutely adore these cute little figurines! Galaxy girl is awesome – she just seems so at peace (unlike me with my ever-hectic lifestyle).

5. Midnight Glam Glitter by The Gypsy Shrine

Because honestly, who doesn’t need more glitter in their life? I am definitely going to try and get myself to a festival this year just so I can wear some…

6. The Geeky Chef Strikes Back by Cassandra Reeder

I absolutely loved the first Geeky Chef book – and I actually intend to test out and compare some of their recipes soon, so watch this space!Ultraviolet Space Patches Space Enamel Pins

7. Bookish Enamel Pin by Present Indicative

Recently I bought a heck load of enamel pins, in an attempt to revamp my old clothes and bags rather than buying new. This particular one speaks to me on a personal level, as you can probably tell from my previous bookish ways.

8. Galaxy Saturn Backpack by Firebox

Would it even be an Ether wishlist if it didn’t contain something galaxy themed?! I love a good backpack, so much that my current galaxy bag is falling apart inside!




So how do you feel about the Ultraviolet vibes?

What colour would you like to see as the Pantone of the Year next year?


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