Major Adulting: Pep Talks for Poor Time Management

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I am absolutely terrible at sticking to deadlines. I cannot believe that I produced a 2 year bucket list, “30 Before 30” and I’m not even half done with less than a year left! I feel like things got on top of me over the summer and my time management has just gone.

I like to fill my time as much as possible, and when I am finally alone, I feel so exhausted I’m not productive. When I manage to produce a blog post it’s usually last minute or overdue, and I never meet my self-imposed deadlines. But… maybe that’s okay.

You can be No-one but Yourself

As I’ve expressed before, I’d much rather be true to myself than produce content that isn’t truly me. And yes, sometimes the content I produce is materialistic, like my gift guides and wish-lists. But actually, these are things I enjoy too! If I aimed to be more consistent in my blog posts I might have to start producing them to other people’s standards; and that doesn’t work for me!

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Take Time to Get it Right

I think I am something of a perfectionist. I can’t post without having a certain amount of pictures and the layouts being consistent. I am always focusing on SEO too which takes up SO much time! Trying to get noticed took over my mind at one point but now, I am pretty glad I’ve sorted out my priorities.

Spinning Plates and Time Management Fails

I have a MILLION BOOKS that are yet to be read, I have a BILLION Netflix recommendations to get through… where does my time go? I have the best intentions to do something spectacular, but I get home from my office job and once I’ve finished screaming my anguish into a pillow and washing my hair, the day is done?! However will I find the time!

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Setting Deadlines that are not Controllable

I didn’t realise that when I made my 30-before-30 post, I was setting goals which were out of my control. For example, being able to go to Iceland and Disneyland are heavily reliant on having the means to do it! I think that even if these things happen in my life-time, I’d still be happy with that. Disneyland for my 30th Birthday would be the dream though! So many times I set myself unrealistic goals which I will never have the time for…

Social Media is a Bottomless Pit

Don’t get me wrong, I need social media in order to get my blog out there and have people see it! But the presence of PEOPLE all times of my life means that I don’t get any time for myself. I mean, c’mon, I love my friends and I am so lucky to know so many great people, but sometimes a girl needs to switch off… and I don’t let that happen enough! My brain is either travelling at 100mph or zero, and there isn’t any in-between.

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Bringing Myself Down About It

This is one thing I will not do anymore. I get into a bit of a rut where I feel like because I am not posting, I’ve got nothing good to say; because I am not productive, I am wasting my time. I definitely need to try not to be so hard on myself – if I fall out of swing with blogging or I end up with my mini-bucket list half finished, I just have to hope that one day I’ll finish it!

The things which stress us out, quite often we don’t have the means to control or we impose upon ourselves. So we just need to remember – we can only do what we can do. And that’s that.

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