‘Til Death do us Party! Witch and vampire themed birthday celebrations

It is my BIRTHDAY! and once again, it’s time to party and this year I went a bit crazy and made it exactly as I wanted it to be! Plus, this year I have the added fortune that my lovely girlfriend, Elena, has her birthday super close to mine so we had a joint party! Specifically, a witches and vampires costume party! <3

I have decided to keep this post mostly for pictures of the decor to inspire any fellow goths and witches as I want to encourage you all to goth up your parties any time of the year. I tried to split the two rooms into different vibes, with some witchery in the kitchen and more decadence in the living room!

I love to share food and drink with my friends – it’s always been something I love to do, so this time I prepared a charcuterie board with some gluten free and vegan nibbles for everyone as we had some allergic beans! I feel like food is all in the presentation, so I bought some little table cards, some tiered plates and some vintage plates from local charity shops.

The idea was to create a decadent feast, complete with a birthday banner (aka shower curtain) from Killstar, a skull centre piece, some old whiskey bottles (courtesy of a local bric-a-brac shop) and some other pieces from TK Maxx Halloween selection!

In the kitchen, I already had my altar and my apothecary (alcohol cabinet) that I decided to open and pull all the items out to display them properly to set a witchy mood! Looking at all my altar bits and pieces out made me so happy, as I’ve been gathering bits and pieces for a while. I am going to write a blog post about witchy essentials very soon!

I also bought a huge cauldron as a punch bowl and made a potion bar with punch cups (with stickers so people could know whose drink was whose!) and potion measures and mixers. It got completely cleared out so I am really happy that it went down so well.

Everyone really got into the spirit of dressing up for my birthday. Elena was the most beautiful vampire, of course, and everyone made an incredible effort with their costumes – even if it was just to goth up a bit! I’ll sign off this post with some feel-good pictures! I want to sign off with a Happy Birthday to my beloved vampire queen. Love you eternally. <3

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