They only went and did it… Finally!

This is just a quick reflection post about my amazing friends’ wedding day. It was so wonderful to be their bridesmaid – and I’m still riding those beautiful waves of happiness from yesterday!

I have known Stacey and Joe for about 4 years now… (I lose track because of pandemic time being all wibbly wobbly) but I adore them both and couldn’t ask for better friends. Stacey asked me to be her bridesmaid originally back when the wedding day was set for October 2020. And we all know how that year turned out… So it has been a long time coming, but we finally managed to get these two down the aisle so they could stop living in sin.

Everyone knows how wedding days go and I don’t think that I could describe just what an incredible, loving atmosphere there was from start to finish… so I’m just going to pull out my particular highlights of the day!

I got to spend time with some of my favourite people and to see them all truly happy. They were all so bubbly, lovely, supportive (and complimentary *blushes*) and the whole day was spectacular. (I am so excited for the official pictures!)

Joe eagerly said “I do” too early in the vows and it was the cutest, and then Stacey was hilarious by copying him when it was her turn and saying it even faster! It was so beautifully them.

Stacey made sure that, although she wanted me and the Maid of Honour to look similar, she didn’t try to change me from looking like me! She let me do what I wanted to do in the little details, like with my black gothy nails or my hair being my natural curls. She let us make some big decisions about our looks and I appreciated it!

The speeches were all absolutely fantastic and memorable, not a single dry eye in the house. I even got an honourable mention and had a cry at how lovely the words were. There is so much love between our friends, I couldn’t help but cry!

I got to look like a goddess and sit on the moon!

Oh AND I got to watch two of my best friends get married! What a dream of a day. Thank you so much to all who made it magical.

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