A Geek’s Guide: Space Cheesecake

Space Cheesecake

So I’m not exactly a culinary legend…

…but I’m not scared to give anything a go! So when I saw there was a trend online for making unicorn related cakes, I thought… why not adapt it and make a Space Cheesecake? The recipe I mostly adapted from used American pre-made bases, so I thought I’d go British and go for a traditional buttery biscuit base! I got some advice from my older and wiser colleagues who know about these kinds of things, and got to work!

Disclaimer: I cannot (!) make anything without trashing the kitchen… But I just like to think the mess is a reflection of how much fun I had making the thing!

Ignition sequence start…

So first of all, the ingredients. As you can see all of my core ingredients are from Tesco but there are other places to get these things!


100g butter
200g digestive biscuits
500g (or about 2 tubs of soft cheese)
200g sugar
250ml heavy cream
2 tsp vanilla essence
White or silver sprinkles
Food Colourings 

Just a note: it’s best to use gel colours as they’re much better than your normal runny ones. I bought mine here.
You’ll also need an electric whisk!

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…

The original recipe used a pre-bought Graham-cracker base but I am not American (nor lazy!) so for mine, I ended up crushing up 2 parts digestive biscuits to 1 part melted butter.

I crushed the biscuits by using the end of a rolling pin in a bowl (they break up super easily). I then melted the butter in a pan and combined them.

Then I laid the biscuit crumbs into a well-buttered tin (mine was a cake tin with a removable base) and pushed down with the flat of a spoon to make sure the base was nice and firm.

Space Cheesecake Buttery Biscuit Base

Commencing countdown, engines on…

Next, I used an electric whisk to blitz together the soft cheese and sugar, and then once it was combined, chucked in the cream and then continued to whisk until there were “Stiff peaks“. Now, I hadn’t done this before and thought… how will I know when it’s done that? But trust me – you’ll know! At this point, add the vanilla extract and mix in.

 Vanilla Essence Space Cheesecake
 Space Cheesecake Whipping Cream Stiff Peaks

Failure is not an option…

Next, I separated this mix into 3 bowls so I could add the gel colours. I opted for blue, purple and pink (something wasn’t quite right about a black cheesecake…)

I didn’t want to compromise the flavour of the space cheesecake by adding too much colouring, so I didn’t go too brave and make it really dark… but the colours still worked really well!

Splodge all the mixture into small alternating dollops (technical terms…) onto the top of the base at random, and then marble them by swirling around with a chopstick.

Space Cheesecake Cream cheese colours

Space Cheesecake Dollops

Space Cheesecake Chopstick

Cake (and grief counselling) will be available at the conclusion of the test…

To finish, I smoothed off the top with a spatula and then scattered my white decorations at random. It needed to then be chilled for 6 hours in the fridge before removing from the tin and Voilà! The space cheesecake was ready to eat, and oh my gosh was it good!

Space Cheesecake Complete

Space Cheesecake Piece

Space Cheesecake Final

So what do you think?!

Until Next Time


A Geek’s Guide: 7 Gifts for a Space Princess

Intergalactic, shoot for the stars and Northern Lights bathbomb

As a lover of all things space related I’ve decided to compile a little gift guide; for the Space Princess in your life! It was so difficult not to post literally everything I have that’s space related, but I’ve whittled it down to just 7 (affordable) items.

As you can probably tell this is not a sponsored post since I am completely new to this, so all these opinions are 100% my own! Also, I hopefully won’t post too many materialistic posts but I love space themed stuff so much that I just really wanted to share the gifts I received with you!

1. Intergalactic Star Crown by Crown and Glory

I’m modelling this particular item (in colour-way Black Hole) below. I wore it to my Christmas party and it just felt like a true reflection of myself! Most of their range is handmade and so took 8-10 days to get shipped out. I would really recommend this for parties as, unlike most glitter coated items, the glitter didn’t come off and get everywhere! Top marks for that alone, as well as it being super cute.

Space Princess Game is Strong
Space Princess
It came with star sequins inside too!

 2. It’s about Space-Time Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity

This necklace is AMAZING. I saw it and instantly fell in love with it. It went straight on my Amazon wishlist and I got it as a Christmas present. Eclectic Eccentricity currently do a whole selection of space related jewellery which is just stunning! (and on SALE).

Space Princess

3. Solar system in a Bottle by Little Planet Factory

My boyfriend got major brownie points for this one! This little bottle contains 3D prints of all the planets in our solar system AND a rogue Pluto. It’s just a really pretty and interesting little nonsense trinket – the one I have is not to scale as Jupiter would have been the size of a watermelon and the to-scale version is crazy small!

Space Princess

I see you, Pluto.

4. Space Dog Print Skirt by Lindy Bop

This was a super cute purchase.  It reminds me of concept art for The Jetsons. For those not familiar with 80’s cartoons it was a space-age themed show which wasn’t quite popular enough to make a 00’s comeback. I really rate Lindy Bop for their quality and it’s really nice to see they are branching out from vintage floral prints into more alternative prints!


Images from the Lindy Bop website

 5. Intergalactic Bath Bomb by Lush

This has to be my favourite bath bomb of all time. Lush brought out SO much space-themed stuff for Christmas but Intergalactic came out on top. Of the 3 below, Intergalactic was the only one that wasn’t an exclusive for Christmas. The colours were just astounding as it fizzed away as you’d expect with a Lush item. However, it also left the bathwater looking like the night sky. I’ll be very sad if they ever discontinue this one. From left to right, Shoot for the Stars, Intergalactic and Northern Lights.

Space Princess

6. Lumpy Space Princess Brooch by DaisyBell Emporium

So I am a little biased on this one as it’s from a local handmade store in my hometown and I got featured on their Etsy after posting a picture on my Instagram. Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time is my spirit animal so I bought this brooch and you can just tell that it’s been made with love. It’s so lumping good!

So cute, Oh my Glob!
Lumpy Space Princess is my spirit animal

7. Moon Lamp by Fizz Creations

This is SO adorable and really affordable. It’s a full colour changing little lamp (about the size of a mango?) which is textured on the outside. The nicest touch was the footprint on the top, reminiscent of when we visited the moon’s surface. If I had to pick one flaw with this it’s that it takes 3 AA batteries and comes with none, but that’s just standard sometimes!


Hope this gave you some ideas for gifts (for yourself or for other people!)
What kind of space-related stuff do you love?

Until next time,