‘Sex Education’ on Netflix: Why All Teens and Twenty-Something’s Should Watch This

I don’t always do a spontaneous off-schedule post, but when I do, you know it’s because something is amazing and I just HAVE to share it with you! I have just finished watching the first series of ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix and my gosh, it was super refreshing and definitely worth your time. Here’s why…

Fair representation

‘Sex Education’ highlights the presence of people from all walks of life, but it’s not gratuitous at all. It’s just normality. There is a black guy who likes to dress in drag; there are openly gay people who they haven’t made to be in-your-face camp; there are lesbians who are out of love; there are girls who have only ever had sex to please their partners and guys who talk openly with one another about their feelings. It’s just full of real people from all backgrounds and it is SO refreshing to see.

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The acting is spot-on

The male lead, Asa Butterfield, who some of you Sci-Fi lovers may recognise from Ender’s Game, is just the right level of awkward and endearing which keeps you watching what he will do next. Similarly the new face, Emma Mackey, is the bookish yet completely understood, deep thinking teen that we all know we secretly thought we were in school (but probably weren’t).

You literally won’t be able to stop watching

By the time the series came to a close I thought WHAT? How can it be over already? I NEED to know what happens! In today’s Netflix binge-culture this is definitely something that programs struggle with. That NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… feeling puts pressure on programs to deliver small plot-lines across multiple seasons. Not with Sex Education – It brings you to the peak and then leaves you wanting more!

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It’s hilarious

Rarely do I laugh out loud at TV shows. Sex Education made me laugh wholeheartedly even while sitting alone in my room watching it. It’s one of those shows akin to Skins for it’s amazing levels of awkwardness and brilliantly well rounded characters.

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It’s so Relatable

Seriously, if you’ve ever had a physical relationship, then this is the program for you. In fact, even if you haven’t, there’s stuff in there for you too! It brings to light every awkward stereotype, every bodily function that might go wrong, real life problems and REAL characters. One’s that make you go, “I remember that guy from school…” or “Oh my god, I remember doing this exact thing” or MOST IMPORTANTLY, “Huh… I never knew that was a normal thing about my body.”

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And that, my friends, is what makes Sex Education SUCH and important show for you to watch. It normalises people, it normalises feelings, sexual encounters and presents a beautiful balance of humour and actuality.
So what are you waiting for? Go and watch it!

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  1. Isobel
    10th February 2019

    OMG I honestly loved watching this and actually watched the whole season too quickly! Need the next season to come out ASAP!

    Isobel x



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