The Importance of R’n’R: Letting Yourself Breathe

Very recently I’ve been cycling round and round between over-stressed and uber-motivated. Although I love my busy lifestyle and get bored without it, I tend to let myself get burnt out. I am pretty sure there are tons of you out there like me!

So this weekend, when my fiance and I went on a mini-break to Switzerland, I knew I had to let myself relax. I planned beforehand to take a load of blog photos and while we did get some great shots, I didn’t let it govern the holiday’s activities. I think sometimes, it’s important to enjoy the little things and not see life from behind a phone or camera.

Switzerland Travel Post Lake Thun
Switzerland Travel Post

The Perfect Place for some Self-Reflection

Switzerland is one of those places where you can turn a corner and suddenly everything is stunning. The mountains, the lakes, the postcard-perfect towns. It’s the perfect place to get some R’n’R (or rest and recuperation) and most of its appeal lies in the tranquillity of it’s landscapes. You can look out into the open and just, breathe.Switzerland Travel Post

Taking these few days for myself, reminded me of how a busy lifestyle is great, but it’s also so important to take some time out. It’d have been great to get some more blog-ready photos but, at the end of the day this is a lifestyle blog, and my lifestyle desperately needed to include some R’n’R.

Similarly to our previous Amsterdam trip, I will make sure to put up our alternative outlook on visiting Switzerland. We did get some activities in, particularly those that would help us feel more relaxed. We took a trip to Fribourg to take some photos on our film cameras and had a boat trip around Lake Thun.

Next week, I’ll include some of our photos in another Switzerland Travel Post!


  1. Lizzie Bee
    10th March 2018

    Eurgh you and me both, girl! I just wish I could take a break… But it’s so hard to switch my mind off. I’m so glad that you managed to clear your head and get some good RnR!

  2. Emily
    14th March 2018

    Love these pictures! You look lush girl! RnR is so important, I always get stressed out but I’m finding balance and you are helping me!

    Great post babe!


  3. […] week I have focused on why it’s so important to get some R’n’R. Following my mini-break in Switzerland, my friend,¬†Emily¬†and I went to an event hosted by Alex Silver PR at Cafe de Paris in […]


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