Reflection on 2021

As I hunker down and try not to get Covid just before Christmas as I’m sure most of us are, I thought I’d reflect on the year of 2021. Despite the fact this year has been like the trashy 2020 sequel that nobody asked for, there were some good bits. It’s just like panning for gold…

January to March

January was a month of baths and painting – I managed to recapture a bit of my old love for artistry by busying myself with my watercolours and other bits and pieces. February was much the same, only I’d by that point turned my hand to life drawing on a weekly basis… among more baths. Webinars basically kept me afloat, as did my cat.

I was pretty much on blog hiatus from January to May so I am really surprised that my blog managed to out-perform 2020… mostly due to a few older posts that Google can’t seem to get enough of! This break did let me reset how I thought about my blog, and now I am just happy that I still have the platform to write some of these feelings down.

April to June

By April we were allowed to go out and see friends outside. That was probably my favourite part of lockdown – this bit where things were easing but didn’t feel like there was any pressure to go outside if the sun wasn’t shining. It felt like the start of a nice and balanced summer of friendship, creativity and optimism.

It was around this time when things started to feel a little better – like things might be improving. I managed to see friends – it was a time to enjoy the freedom we had and the potential “new normal”. I look back on this time with fondness!

In May, Niall and I officially started saving for a house. We’ve a little ways to go yet, but it is worth noting that we made this start and we dream one day of owning a house… insert remark about millennials and house pricing here *ahem*.

July to September

In July I officially got my biggest and most colourful tattoo yet, which I am super happy with as it covered over a ghastly looking one I had done over a decade ago, so beautifully!

Plus, it was officially the month Niall and I adopted our little bean! <33 She had been with the family for quite a while but we never officially chipped her, and now I am thankful every day for her tiny little face. It’s nice to know that not only is she bound to me in my heart, but also some database somewhere officially proves it too.

In August, Niall and I took a little visit to Hay-on-Wye – the first proper weekend holiday we’d had since the October the previous year, and then almost one month after, we visited York too on the run up to Halloween. Two blessed and wonderful trips.

October to December

October always brings a load of lovely activities, themed around Halloween. I enjoy October generally as things start to get a little spookier – and my wardrobe starts to get a little bulkier when my aesthetic comes into stores! It also meant I picked up blogging again at a faster pace.

We went on our last holiday of the year to Shrewsbury and finally got to meet our friends’ son for the first time (as he was born during the pandemic). Another excellent holiday which I will look back on with much nostalgia!

December has been a time to hibernate for me. Plans have been cancelled, rest has been taken (unwillingly in some cases) and I’m just trying to get myself through this month and make it to 2022, like many of us at the moment I suppose. I wish everyone well this festive season and hope you all have a little joy this Christmas, despite it all <3

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