A Ravenclaw Haven – My Harry Potter Obsession Intervention!

Everyone has their vices and addictions. Mine for the last 20 years or so, has been Harry Potter Merchandise. I am a complete sucker for anything Harry Potter themed – to the point where I feel like my bedroom has become a Ravenclaw Haven.

Ravenclaw Bedroom Harry Potter Bedding

Pillow and Bedding: Primark

Everything within the room is slowly becoming Ravenclaw – even the walls which were once a boring magnolia have recently turned into a deep navy blue. It was one of those choices I made subliminally and didn’t realise until it was pointed out to me by a friend that it was completely and utterly Ravenclaw-esque.

So here are but a few photos of Ravenclaw and Harry Potter related things from my collection!

My Luna Wand, Ravenclaw Notebook, Ravenclaw Special Edition Copy of Philosopher’s Stone, Rowena’s Diadem, Polyjuice Drinks Bottle, Bertie Bott’s Beans and Ravenclaw Throw…

Ravenclaw Merchandise

Notebook: Waterstones ~ Bertie Botts Beans: Magic Alley ~ Luna’s Wand: WB Studios ~ Rowena’s Diadem: eBay ~ Polyjuice Glass, Ravenclaw Throw: Primark ~ Harry Potter Ravenclaw Edition book: Sainsburys


Ravenclaw earrings, pin badge, coaster and hanging decoration; Deathly Hallows earrings and Chocolate Frog Trinket box…

Up until now, I didn’t realise just how much stuff I had. I know that I have the best intentions but I see something at a shop and I am just so happy to see something I love that I head straight off to the till…

Whether it’s somewhere I seek out like WB Studios or Olivers Brighton, or somewhere unexpected that I find Harry Potter stuff… I’m guaranteed to leave with something…

Ravenclaw Earrings Harry Potter Trinket Box Ravenclaw Haven

Coaster: Primark ~ Deathly Hallows Earrings: Stray Jewellery ~ Chocolate Frog Trinket Box, Ravenclaw Hanging Crest, Earrings and Pin Badge: WB Studios

Another two things I’ve mentioned before are my Limited Edition Ravenclaw Print from the House of Mina Lima, and my ticket to Hogwarts (because I mean, come on…)

Mina Lima Print

Ravenclaw Print: House of Mina Lima ~ Hogwarts Ticket: Primark

But wait, that’s not all…

There is a heck load of stuff in the rest of my house too, so much I couldn’t do individual pictures. Like my cauldron, potion bottles, Harry Potter sweets, Butterbeer cups, Ravenclaw Hoodie, Hogwarts House tea-towels, Pensieve vial notebook set, Playing cards, Bookmark, Ford Anglia, Lego Dimensions Sets, Wizards Chess set, Tom Riddle’s Diary, Marauder’s map pin board, Christmas Stocking…

Ravenclaw Obsession Harry Potter Merchandise Ravenclaw Haven

Harry Potter Film Wizardry, Cauldron: WB Studios ~ Pensieve notebook set: Olivers Brighton ~ Wizards Chess: From my dad! ~ Tom Riddle’s Diary and RavenClaw Bookmark: Olivers Brighton ~ Me: My mother ~ Potion Bottles: Handmade ~ Ford Anglia: Toys R Us Circa 1999 ~ Playing Cards: Oliver’s Brighton

Oh, and the 2 Harry Potter mugs I have at work.

Aaaaand my Deathly Hallows tattoo on my right ankle.

…not to mention the multiple copies of every possible related book and film.

Ravenclaw Haven

This is just one set…

This post is half a brag, and half a self-intervention. It’s all fine and dandy having the odd Harry Potter Birthday Party or Afternoon Tea but the buying needs to stop! Mostly because I am now saving for my wedding but also just because SURELY I have enough… Right?

So there you have it – My Ravenclaw Haven!

What fandom are you obsessed with?

Do you find it easy to spend when you know it matches the aesthetic in your bedroom?

5 thoughts on “A Ravenclaw Haven – My Harry Potter Obsession Intervention!

  1. Oh wow you have quite the collection, it is amazing! I have the badge but feel I need to grow my merchandise and follow in your footsteps. The diadem is beautiful I deffo want that. Love this post and Harry Potter/Ravenclaw Love!

  2. This is impressive! As a fellow Harry Potter lover (and Hufflepuff) I’m almost proud and definitely envious of your collection 🙂 I have a few bits but nothing quite like this!

  3. I haven’t even framed my Ravenclaw print up (oops) but wow you have so many HP items! I’ve been good lately and haven’t bought anything, because I want to save it for more holidays tehe. If I had to choose my favourite fandom it would be hands-down Harry Potter!

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