Major Adulting: My First Professional PhotoShoot with TVTrevPhotography*

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I think we’ve established many times that I am super awkward when it comes to being put in front of a camera. I envy some of my friends to whom it comes naturally – watching them swing around at their professional photoshoot, laughing and posing. They make it look so easy but then suddenly it’s my turn… and I freeze like a rabbit in head-lights.

Worst Client Ever, Right?

Big Comfy Bookshop Professional Photoshoot Coventry

However it seemed this time, when meeting TV Trev Photography*, the longer we spent taking pictures the more at ease I became. Trevor suggested that I have my shoot in the Big Comfy Bookshop (Coventry), so this obviously made me relaxed straightaway as I am there ALL the time. We spent a little time having a chat and a cup of tea and then got right to it!

Coventry Blogger Big Comfy Bookshop

Trevor made me feel completely comfortable and by the end we were having a laugh, I was feeling more in the zone and suggesting different places and poses. You can see some of the results on this page! I had a brilliant time and I would recommend Trevor to anyone around Coventry who would like a semi-professional shoot.

Big Comfy Bookshop Professional Photoshoot Coventry

Why is it a “Semi-Professional” shoot?

I am glad you asked! These shoots are aimed at people who need new pictures for their professional and business profiles. Are you still using a selfie or graduation picture on your LinkedIn/Social Media profiles?  Then you can get a really reasonable little starter shoot in a comfortable location with Trevor to help you on your professional journey!

Big Comfy Bookshop Professional Photoshoot Coventry
Massive thanks to TV Trev & The Big Comfy Bookshop! x

Professional Photoshoot – Tick!

2019 is all set for new experiences as I turn 30 (eek!). My first semi-professional photoshoot went so well, that I can’t help but want more now- it should definitely up my blog photography game! Although I can’t guarantee I will always be so natural… It took quite a lot of tries as I am not the best at being still when I should be, or moving when I should do… but at least I know what to expect!


  1. Nat
    9th January 2019

    Oh Amy I LOVE how your photo shoot turned out with Trevor! The pictures you got are so amazing and I remember when he showed me the second photo of you, you look gorgeous!

    You can never go wrong with having a bookshop as a place for a photo shoot! I agree too about how comfortable Trevor makes you feel, which is very much needed if you’re nervous. 🙂

    1. Amy_Ether
      10th January 2019

      Thanks so much Nat! It’s so nice of you to say so! 🙂 I really loved both of our shoot results too! Yours were fabulous!


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