Plus size Costume: Queen of Hearts

I was really happy with the costume I put together for New Year’s! I’ve previously dressed as The Red Queen (Queen of Hearts) back at university, and it’s so fun to see how far I’ve come with my styling!

Red Queen costume

I wanted to make my costume out of wearable fashion items (so that I could wear the pieces alone and not have them go to waste!)

I love playing the Queen of Hearts, although I’ve always seen her as a different character to those played in Alice in Wonderland. I always see her as more of a insidious and conniving character, rather than an angry redfaced woman. She’s someone who captures attention and ensnares people’s hearts.

  • Red lace top (without cami) – Killstar
  • Black heart skirt – Shein
  • Black heart belt – Collectif (on skirt)
  • Red fishnet tights – Snag
  • Heart shoes – La Moda

Hair and accessories

My hair was put up in a somewhat regal way (in honesty I ran out of time to style it properly), and I adorned it with a crown – POWERRRR.

If I were to do this again, I think I could make her more opulent by wearing more jewellery and rings. Maybe even a ruff… I also had some tiny little playing cards which I wanted to pin into my hair… But didn’t have time.

Make up

This is the part I was most happy with. After a few short tutorials from my friend, LizzieBee, I’ve been able to do a much more dramatic make up look when costuming.

This time, I went for a gothic and powerful black and red combo, with some added hearts and the signature red heart lips. For those interested, my lipstick was from Killstar, my eye make up was from Unicorn Cosmetics and my lashes were gifted to me by Lizzie who is the lash queen (and it all stayed on all night – woo).

One thing I have learned from this experience is that as big as you think your costume is, you can always go BIGGER. (If you have the time)

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