Pain, Persuasion and Paper-Craft: Making Comic Book Flowers in 5 Easy Steps

Just a quick extra thing because I’m super excited about this! It’s been my intention for a while now to learn how to create paper flowers, so when my favourite place in Coventry (yeah, you guessed it) The Big Comfy Bookshop, ran a small crafting course on how to make them, I jumped at the chance! So now, I shall pass this knowledge onto you in the form of comic book flowers (and encourage you to come along to the next session, or to another of their events.)

Step 1: Cut Out the Flower Shape

I used a flower shaped hole punch that allows you to STREAMLINE PRODUCTION and make a heck load. I borrowed this from the kind lady who runs the event, but you could always cut them out if you feel you are neat enough. I am not. I like easy things. You need 3 per flower, scissors, plus some PVA glue and a cocktail stick.

Making Comic Book Flowers Paper Flowers

Step 2: Cut out your petals

For each layer, you want one less petal. So cut them out as shown below, with the largest one just split to the middle. I then curl the petals with scissors, running them up the edges as you would if you were curling ribbon like your mum could always do on birthday presents and you were like “WHAT how does she even do that. She’s a magician.” but it’s really easy when you’re an adult. Trust.

Step 3: Putting it all together

Using PVA glue, put it onto one petal and then put the petal next to it on top of the glue so it’s stuck together. This kind of, curls the flowers round so you get 5 distinct parts that are all different sizes. With the two smallest pieces, roll them into cone shapes. You know… it’s probably much easier to just show you this part with pictures!

Making Comic Book Flowers Guide

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Step 4: Put it all together

Get each piece, and putting a bit of PVA glue into the inside with the cocktail stick, stick each layer inside the other like a beautiful turducken. Or you know, like a flower. If you have extra cocktail sticks you can leave these running through the middle so that you can later stick them into garlands, wreaths and bouquets. It also helps with their structural integrity.

Step 5: Have a cup of tea and a cake

Well done on being an expert geeky craft person, and just generally being better than most people. Go on, treat yo’self to a cuppa and a slice of the good stuff. If you happen to be sat in the bookshop at the time, HOW CONVENIENT. Go get yourself some, you deserve it and so do they.


  1. Mija
    10th August 2018

    What a cute idea!!!! I have tons of free comic book day comics I can do this to!!!!

    1. Amy_Ether
      12th August 2018

      Ah! Glad it could inspire you a little 😀 enjoy your makes!

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