Major Adulting: Plus Size Fish, Little Pond

Being creatively confident in my writing / blogging, happened through 3 major epiphanies in the last year. I felt like I was drowning in my hometown – although the opportunities to write were growing, so was the blogger community and often I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all!
There’s always this “Am I good enough?” feeling. So I’ve decided to tackle it head on!

In 2018, I reached out to a local brand and immediately after I realised that tons of other bloggers were working with them in Coventry. I totally understood, – of course the more people you have writing about your products, the better!

But then, the brand came back to me this year (nearly a year later) offering me paid work, and asking my opinion on a new project. Apparently my writing had made a good impression and was the one which stuck in their mind. It made me realise that actually, I am good at what I do…

That was Breakthrough Number One.

The second breakthrough came to me when I built up a relationship with another local brand for almost a year, and started to arrange my own events with them, introducing them to new bloggers. Some of those bloggers then offered their services to the brand, asking them to get in touch directly with them if they needed some blogger coverage.

Good for the brand I suppose even if I was a little bit sad about it – after all supporting the brand was the most important thing to me! But then once the event was over, they contacted me saying they had no interest in running alternative blogger events and my loyalty and friendship meant more. They were happy with the effort I’d put in to organising these events and my hard work and community ethic had paid off.

Now onto Breakthrough Number 3

The final instance was when I wanted to collaborate with Coventry Native magazine. They really match my ethos; they stand for integrity, community and working together as a support network for small businesses and creative people throughout Coventry. When I saw their first issue, I thought I HAVE to get in touch and we arranged a call for later that week.

But when I heard a whole community of local bloggers partnered with Native… I was stuck. Do I call them still? Why would they want to work with me over a group of 50+ bloggers all bidding for the same slot? I almost decided there and then not to give it a go – to give up hope and not bother contacting them at all.

But I did it anyway!

Native praised my writing and my attitude and they said they’d love to work more with me. This is in it’s early days but I have written several posts for them now and I actually feature in Issue 3 with a plan to have my own permanent geeky segment.. ,and I’m over the moon! They want to work with ME. (It’s like that feeling when the cool kid sits with you at school.)

This brings me onto the main point of this post. The “Plus Size Fish, Small Pond” phrase came to me when I thought about how fish will fight for space. In the same way, it’s almost instinctual to feel small, vulnerable and overcrowded in any niche and feel like you won’t find your place among other creative individuals. So I’d advise you to repeat this mantra…

I have a strong voice. There is space for me.

Think about where you fit in and follow your heart – your talent and hard work will show and pay off where it matters. We don’t have to eat each other to gain space – there’s a place for all of us and I think, after over 2 1/2 years of writing,
I’ve finally found mine.


  1. Shane
    16th July 2019

    You’re ever so inspirational, and your successes warm my little heart.
    You can do what ever you set your mind to, and I’m glad all your hard work is paying off. You deserve it!
    Well done, you! 😀

  2. Kari
    16th July 2019

    It is hard to believe in ourselves at times but you are right we need to remind ourselves that there is room for us too

    1. Amy_Ether
      16th July 2019

      Thank you for the comment Kari! 🙂

  3. Heather
    17th July 2019

    I seriously relate to this post so much! Like you, I felt the exact same way and have probably not put myself out there as much as I probably should have, especially because I often feel that my disabilities are a big barrier for me. A few months ago an opportunity came up and I wanted to apply but was really scared to; was I fit enough to do it? Would I let them down? Thankfully a friend took it out of my hands (without even knowing any of this) and recommended me – the company representative approached me and it’s been going really well ever since!

    I think it doesn’t help that there are some bloggers that make you feel smaller too. I’ve actually had a blogger tell me that they are much bigger and better than me because of the number of brands they work with. When that sort of thing gets thrown in your face it really knocks your confidence and there is absolutely no need for it. Especially in the geek blogger community where we all have our own unique spin on what we do.

  4. Eloise
    19th July 2019

    This post makes me so proud of you!
    Not that I wasn’t proud anyway. But it acts as a reminder for how great you are ^_^
    Well done my friend <3
    This is also giving me a push to get back on track with my own writing after having a terrible time with my mental health recently. So, thank you!


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