New Tech vs Old Spec: Elements of the past and the future combining…

Typewriter New Tech vs Old Spec

…to make something not quite as good as either!

I have a dilemma that I face every few months. A battle between my love of automation, connectivity and online tools and the nostalgic feeling of a new scrapbook or diary getting slowly filled with important information, scribbles and ramblings. So begins the Internal Debate… New Tech vs Old Spec.

You may find that you switch endlessly between computer based checklists and old school address books; online calendars and idea journals, desperate to produce concise and legible thoughts. I’ve decided try to help find a happy medium by talking through the pros and cons!

 What puts tech on top

  • Of course, blogging is new to me but I’ve found it helps to give direction to my writing. It helps when I feel like I am talking to someone (even if I just leave the notes unpublished) and this is something my diary never did for me. It’s given me the ability to throw my words out there and for once, there’s a possibility that someone might hear. Hello!
    Morse code technology
    We talk a lot more but say a lot less – Photo by Geoffrey Schild Photography
  • Note-taking and calendar apps serve me well in dealing with the things I need to remember/ do and general weekly management. It helps us to have everything in one place but soon it becomes clogged with information and like all posts (including this one) it’ll all get lost in the fabric of information and time. Then again, at least it won’t clutter your house…
  • One thing I know I am, is indecisive. Online note-taking allows you to delete, rethink and revamp to my heart’s content. I end up with a jumble of notebooks and notes and it’s just not good for an organised mind! I have a slight addiction to fresh cool notebooks too – such a waste of money but I can’t help it…
Notebook journals new tech vs old spec
This is a very small percentage of the notebooks I actually own. Oops.

Where old methods never fail

  • Torn out pages, scribbled ideas and drawings – nothing fuels my creativity like a scrapbook. I really miss the personality that bursts from the pages. Evernote serves as a place for my thoughts to go… but often they fizzle out and get lost. With a book, that thought becomes a memory and no matter how insignificant it’s always there to go back to.
  • I love physical books so having printed pages and particularly printed photographs really makes me happy! We don’t print our photos enough nowadays! Mostly because photos are so common that there are usually so many that don’t mean a lot. It means the precious moments are awash in a sea of selfies and mundanity.

New Tech vs Old Spec Camera vs Phone Pictures

  • I don’t remember things very well… I think it’s because I never need to use my memory! If I need information I’ll Google it, not take it in and then if I need to recall I’ll just use Google again. It can’t be good for anyone’s mind so I advise taking time away from tech to regain some mental clarity.
  • “I’ve just popped online to research my artwork and now I’ve done my online banking, had a chat with my friends and reorganised all my phone apps! Now it’s too late for me to pick up a pencil, best go to sleep.” Constant distractions from outside can be productive but sometimes dull the creative process… I never get anything done!

Internal Debate Creativity vs Productivity New Tech vs Old Spec

The truth is…

There are good and bad parts to new tech and traditional methods. I don’t think I will ever be able to detach myself from one or the other. However, rather than getting trapped in an endless loop of copying information between the two mediums I’m going to try to keep all my organisational notes fully online and all my creative ideas as physical items so I stop editing myself and getting caught up online!

Do you have this problem? How do you cope with the battle between technology and creative flow?

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