Nerds on Tour: Shrewsbury Day Two

Day two of our trip to Shrewsbury – today I got to go back to one of my favourite places to play some board games and drink milkshakes!

I know its not customary to start with dinner but I was absolutely blown away by the food from last night that I have to show you! We visited a small Japanese restaurant called Umai (which means Tasty!) which Niall happily exclaimed looked almost exactly like an 居酒屋 (izakaya) or tavern as it would be in a back alley in Japan. It was much appreciated (and made me want to go to Japan even more.)

The food was incredible – if you go Shrewsbury, make sure to make a stop here on your travels. I started with gyōza (they were out of tori kara age) and had tonkatsu don. Niall opted for sushi and a beef ramen. I also had a Japanese cheesecake (one of my favourite things!) and I made this face…

Visiting Nerdy Coffee

After a wonderful evening at The Lions Hotel we wandered over to my favourite Board Game Cafe – Nerdy Coffee! I came here the first time I visited my friend Chris and his family in Shrewsbury, and I’ve wanted to come back since before the pandemic started! Chris aka Bearded Brushstrokes painted my first ever D&D miniature for me!

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We had a lovely, relaxed few hours chatting and playing games – which were also Japanese themed! We played Tokaido, where your aim is to travel across Japan having as enriching a journey as possible, and Tsuro- a very chill game where you play as dragons following paths, trying not to collide with one another.

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We skipped out on doing anything else as our first day in Shrewsbury had been so packed, and we walked all over town! But there was still so much left to see for next time. As always, I’m glad to be back in bed <3

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