An Mini Ode to Admirable Women – A post for International Women’s Day

I just wanted to write a little something extra this International Women’s Day, as an ode to some of the best women I know.

Some dedications to ladies I admire…

To My Mother

It  wouldn’t be proper not to mention my mum first! Mum, you’re amazing. You’re a lovely person and you should give yourself more credit as to just how caring and brilliant you are! And if you don’t then I’ll make sure to this weekend on Mother’s Day x

To the owner of Satin and Tat

How is it that you can be a mum, run a successful wedding invitation business and look amazing all at the same time? Teach me your ways, witch!

To My Sister

You are brilliant and I’m super proud of you. You deserve all the happiness and you’ve achieved so much! Also let me look after your puppy sometimes maybe? Thaaaanks.

You’ Mother-In-Law to be

Sometimes when I feel lost for direction, it’s good to know that someone in particular will always try to help you find the way. Katie, you are that person. You’re an amazing role model, so caring, courageous, outgoing – all the things I hope to be!

To All My Best Ladies

You all know who you are and it wouldn’t be right to make this post 10 pages long. So this final ode is dedicated to all of you. You know who you are, my brave, funny and gorgeous ladies. I can’t wait to have you there when I get married next year.

This is only a quick post for today, as it’s midweek again (I’m getting good at these…) and I’m on a train to London, being all business-like. I feel so very proud to be surrounded by such incredible, inspirational and wonderful ladies.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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  1. Mum
    8th March 2018

    Thank you Amy, I am so proud of you. You are so special. Love Mum xxx


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