Mercury in Retrograde: How does this affect me?

Spoiler: It doesn’t.

Some people believe in astrology, and that’s fine… If you like that sort of thing. A feeling that fate is acting on you in some way. Or there’s some higher power that’s watching over you. Or your Hogwarts letter got lost in the post… whatever you like to believe! But please…

Don’t blame a planet for your problems.

Bloggers will jump on a bandwagon for any reason and this month is no different; this month the earth was in TOTAL CHAOS because Mercury was in retrograde. So, Mercury has been passing the earth in the opposite way to the earth’s rotation and so many bloggers think that there’s now some uniting force that is affecting everyone. It’s apparently causing all sorts of chaos, from random human errors, to bad hairstyle choices, from technological problems to communication issues.

SpaceShip Skinny Dip London Bag


If you feel like a distant planet is the reason for your problems, it’s likely that they’re actually a little closer to home. As much as I like looking out to space, I’d suggest trying to look inside yourself for answers to your issues. But with bloggers catching on to this trend, it brings with it all the fake, broad sweeping statements we know and love.

Like this most excellent advice from one blogger

“There are lots of things you should do or avoid throughout this period too – you should never make any big new plans or decisions while in retrograde season (change jobs/move house/start new projects), don’t buy new technology, think before you speak, know that things are subject to change.  People will find it harder to make decisions, electrical items might break, you might be forgetful and also romantic relationships are often confused!”

Mercury Retrograde National Space Centre

Okay, firstly, you should always think before you speak (…although it seems that doesn’t happen much where bloggers are concerned nowadays). But I must point out, this person is actually giving advice to not buy things or make difficult life decisions… because a planet is moving a certain way. At this point, I feel like people might be looking to blame anyone but themselves for their decisions, problems and errors.


Could it be possible that you don’t want to talk to people because you’re over-stressed or feeling anxious?

Could it be that your laptop is breaking because it’s fragile and you dropped it a million times?

Perhaps you accidentally bought white bread instead of granary this week, because…
you made a mistake?

One thing is for certain: I highly doubt Mercury was the cause.

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