Major Adulting: Letting Go of a Good Thing – Muggle Musings

Muggle Musings is coming to an end this weekend and it’s broken my heart a little bit, but I know deep down that it’s for the best. It’s been the most brilliant thing ever, running my own discussion group and getting to know such a wonderful group of people. I feel I’ve learned so much during such a short time so I wanted to share it with you.

Don’t let the Muggles get you down

When I started this group I was full of optimism. I thought wow,  a little group of Harry Potter nerds, meeting every month and talking about something I’ve always loved. I threw myself head-first into it, as I do with everything and it felt like I’d taken Felix Felicis after the first one had ended. The rush I felt was like no other.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes

Coming up with questions every month to help spark discussion became increasingly difficult (even though I am sure that the group would just fly off topic and talk forever if they were given the chance). My friend Dom, and I, created a little blog post for the Big Comfy Bookshop, with tips on running a discussion group.

Help will always be given… to those who ask for it

When I wanted to take a back seat during a bit of a life-change in the summer last year, the friends I’d made at the group really stepped up to help. If I’d not made this group I’d have never met such brilliant people or made such a lovely new group of friends. (Let alone met my wonderful other half.)

Don’t Worry, You’re Just as Sane as I am

We are such a crazy bunch! Not to mention MASSIVELY into our fandom. We would often delve really far into the books, so far that we came up with some fantastic theories.

CHECK OUT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST for more of our fan theories…

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

Muggle Musings was an era in my life I can always look back on with fondness, and you never know, maybe we can spark a reunion in the future! For now, I feel it’s better to let something burn out on a high with my 30th birthday looming!

I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next chapter.

Oh, so you’re here for the commentary…

The Marauder’s Map is definitely not GDPR compliant…

Data handling and collecting is a minefield… Take this into account when referring to the Marauder’s Map. That map shows the locations of everyone in the school and allows the person who holds it to use that data at any time! Eesh, where do I opt out?!

House Elves get drunk on Butterbeer but children don’t…

We found it strange that Winky (in the books) gets drunk on butterbeer but it’s allowed to be drunk by students casually in the pub, at the age of 13! I know that most butterbeer recipes in the real world are not alcoholic but then I suppose that’s because we don’t want drunk children everywhere. Sugar is bad enough.

The Pensieve could get Really Dark Real Quick

When a memory is removed, unless tampered with, it clearly represents that person’s memory at the time it happened. This leads me to two main points…

  • There would be less of a feeling of nostalgia over good memories since the brain would not have time to change them into positive, wishy washy memories, since they are instantly and accurately extracted should you want them to be.
  • You know when you do something really terrible when you’re 16, and then you kick yourself at 3am when you’re nearly 30 and you’re like OMG LET IT GO. Well, that… but imagine you can perfectly and obsessively watch that memory play out over and over. Not healthy… but probably something I would do.

What are your thoughts to the series? If you attended the group, what are your thoughts? If you’ve got your own HP theories or opinions on ours, I’d love to know too.

Obligatory last session picture!


  1. Charles
    16th June 2019

    A nostalgic introspective read. Always bittersweet when a gathering such as this comes to an end. I held out for a long time at keeping HP at a distance as a lot of people around me seemed obsessed to the point of addiction with the series. Have yet to read the books but visited the studio tour in the UK with my partner and did appreciate the set building and lore behind the books, may not be my ‘cup of tea’ but can see the passion it endured which is charming.

  2. Kayleigh Hazell-Welland
    9th July 2019

    So gutted that I only heard of this once it was ending! 🙁

    Fingers crossed there might be another one day!

    Kayleigh x

    1. Amy_Ether
      9th July 2019

      I definitely want to plan events with Coventry Geeks that involve HP so – there will be more ?


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