Life Update: I am 33.

Something important happened this weekend. No, not the Jubilee (Platty Joobs). My birthday.

Very little has moved on since my last birthday – although now we’re finally out of lockdown after 2 birthdays in confinement! I’m quite thankful for the consistency in my life since then, and that this year has not been too chaotic or worrying.

I know it’s cliche to say you feel the same in your mind as your body gets older, but hey look… that’s true! I spent this morning trying to pinpoint exactly what I am feeling about my birthday. Do I dread getting older? No… it’s not that. I think the thing i’m feeling is… detachment. Like celebrating a birthday right now is quite weird given everything that’s going on.

Being out with my friends and partner was wonderful this week though. Celebrating and enjoying my friends’ company, watching Burlesque on Wednesday, having cocktails on Saturday and just being around people I love so much. I adore them all and they’ve all made it really special.

Today I went for a spa day and got a facial and manicure and spent way too much money, frankly, on skincare products. Because I’m now officially “Getting Older” so it’s time to use products on my face apparently. I had a fantastic time though and the lovely lady doing my treatments bigged me up massively and made me feel like a princess. In fact, so has my lovely Niall with breakfast in bed and a steak dinner! Even my cat brought me in a dead bird as a gift.

Soon I’ll be heading off to Cheddar Gorge for Summer Solstice/ my belated birthday celebration which should be really lovely! Can’t wait to be a tourist and some nice walks and get out into nature again.

Until next time, Amy x

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  1. Mariah Kaercher
    11th June 2022

    I love both the jackets you’re wearing! The purple fuzzy one looks so comfy

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