It’s Easy Being Green: FarGo Village Vegan Festival

Let me launch right in by writing about some of the amazing small businesses that I met at FarGo Village Vegan Festival last weekend. FarGo hosted their bi-annual vegan fair which is always a massive favourite of mine – I make a point of going there to support the tenants and FarGo themselves as much as possible.

Stands with Something to Say that Stood Out to Me

The lady from Ethical and Unique started crafting with plastics years ago, and then realised what a mistake she’d made! She immediately started changing to completely natural, ethical and cruelty free sources to create her beautiful necklaces and jewellery. Ethical and Unique jewellery reminded me of buried coins from Roman times – they were all so traditionally created. Some even reminded me of warriors’ shields!

FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger Ethical and Unique

Sunny Soul Up

What I LOVED about Sunny Soul Up was their ethos – 100% recycled clothing which helped to save turtles. Literally, what’s not to love? These t-shirts are made up of 40% recycled plastic bottles, and 60% organic cotton. What fascinated me is that each shirt contained between 2 and 12 bottles and they were SO SOFT.

FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger Sunny Soul Up

You know what, it was affordable clothing too and with the purchase of the shirt it guarantees the safety of at least 5 baby turtles by helping fund patrols of beaches where they nest. I actually teared up at the thought of it! This company is the bomb!

Cow Eggs – Vegan Friendly Art

Robbie at Cow Eggs was ever so sweet, and SO talented! I absolutely loved her watercolour renditions of pets – they had so much character, I just had to buy a card and a notebook! I might have to get a portrait done of my hamster…

FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger Cow Eggs

Sophie Vujko Illustrations

Sophie was ever so lovely! She started off illustrating and then moved onto supporting animal rights within her up-cycled denim jacket designs – they were so sweet! Pig in a teacuuuup!

FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger Sophie Vujko Illustrations

Honourable mentions include Sophie Hyam who put on a fabulous vegan food demonstration for us; Tropic helped me find a moisturiser to suit my skin that was sustainable and smells amazing and Chaaboo make beautiful handmade tea scented soaps that also smells incredible – I had to buy a Chai Tea one!

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for… Let’s Talk About Food

FarGo Village Vegan Festival has such a vast selection of vegan food – so I ended up having a double-lunch plus tons more sweet things! I couldn’t help but want to try everything! It made me happy to know that it was guilt-free dining!

Kimchi Ramen Box with Gochujang Sauce by LoveKimchi

LoveKimchi are definitely worth shouting about – they had some of the BEST Korean food I’ve ever tasted (all pictured above). I took one mouthful of their kimchi ramen and I HAD to buy myself some! The flavours were incredible and I loved this couple’s passion for their food!

FarGo Village Coventry Blogger Our Paula's
Our Paula’s Garlic Butter was SO sublime that I tried a taster and immediately had to buy some!
FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger Riverford Vegetables

One of the other stalls which caught my eye was Riverford Vegetables – where you can subscribe to a veggie box and get less plastic, seasonal veg, straight to your door! I thought this was an incredible idea to help get fresh, locally sourced veg back into our lives!

Now for the sweet stuff…

FarGo Village Vegan Fair

There were SO many choices for sweet treats at the vegan fair – some of which you’d be so surprised to know are vegan! The cakes were so well presented, there were donuts the size of honeydew melons from The Doughnut Pod, and crepes made by the wonderfully named Bloods and Crepes lads who were great fun to chat with!

FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger Bloods and Crepes
What’s just missing off the bottom of this sign is their “Brexit Special: Maybe one crepe, maybe more, all overdone, guaranteed disappointment!” xD

The Permanent Tenants

Let’s not forget the tenants of FarGo – these guys are there all week and are the beating heart of FarGo itself. Many (if not all) of them offer vegan options all year.

FarGo Village Coventry Blogger Olivia Handmade
  • BackHaus & Co a huge selection of vegan cakes and food
  • Choc ‘n’ Roll offer vegan gourmet chocolate options
  • Bubble Boba can make almost all of their drinks vegan
  • Olivia’s Handmade bath bombs (above) are Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free
  • Rock’n’Roller Parlour use MUK vegan hair products and dyes
  • Twisted Barrel Brewery produce exclusively vegan brews
  • Container No.8 have their own vegan cheese making kits
  • There’s also FarGo’s very own vegan store – The Green Unicorn

With so much around there’s no excuse for not visiting any day of the week if you’re looking for vegan choices. But let’s talk more now, about some of the incredible stall holders that I met this weekend! The FarGo Village Vintage festival had a really nice balance of food to eat there, food to take away and trinkets and goodies to buy for yourself or as gifts.

FarGo Village Vegan Festival Coventry Blogger The Green Unicorn
Drink by Bubble Boba, Background by The Green Unicorn, Tote Bag by The Big Comfy Bookshop

Overall the event was so brilliant – it gave small businesses a much-needed voice and face-to-face presence and there were so many passionate people there with the same ethos – cruelty free and ethical. Fantastic job by FarGo for bringing them all together!


  1. Kayleigh
    27th April 2019

    I need to go to Fargo more! Great blog 🙂

  2. Emily Harrison
    28th April 2019

    This looked amazing I love vegan stuff and certainly opt for vegan food now with my lactose intolerance it’s just easier. Wonderful review I didn’t realise there was so much to offer in the vegan way of life. It’s so important to support small businesses!

    Great review Amy!

    1. Amy_Ether
      24th May 2019

      Thanks so much Emily! Sorry I missed this! My WordPress was over-filtering my comments!

  3. Jai
    28th April 2019

    What a great overview. I’m not vegan myself but I’m always happy to try new food so I’ll definitely be following some of your recommendations and attending the next festival. I’ve also swapped to CF beauty products so it’s good to know where I can get some stuff to treat myself ?

    1. Amy_Ether
      24th May 2019

      Sorry I missed this! My WordPress was over-filtering my comments!
      Thanks so much for your comments and I look forward to seeing you at future festivals!

  4. Dawn Warden
    28th April 2019

    I’m not even vegan and it looks really good! Want t T-shirt now to save the turtles!

    1. Amy_Ether
      24th May 2019

      Me neither! I know right, love that t-shirt stall. Apparently they’re looking to have a permanent space in FarGo soon!
      P.S. Sorry I missed this! My WordPress was over-filtering my comments!

  5. Nat
    9th May 2019

    I honestly can’t wait to venture around Fargo with you! I feel like I still haven’t experienced it properly yet and due to that I’m still a little sad. 🙁

    It’ll be great though! The vegan food you had looked amazing… I’m hungry now for Japanese food. xD


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