If I Could Turn Back Time: Why I love the 1950s

I absolutely love the vintage aesthetic of the 50’s. I know it could be partly down to nostalgic re-imaginings of the era but if I could live in one other decade from the past, it would be this one.

My friend Lizzie took me out for an afternoon tea as a belated birthday gift, to this gorgeous vintage salon with a 1950s look and it rekindled my love for the style! I want to seek out vintage fairs and more locations like Le Keux (the diner/salon we visited). Places that keep the 50’s spirit alive but are a little closer to home!

I attended the Goodwood Revival (a vintage festival) every year for the past 4 years, but this year I won’t be able to go! Travelling the 150 miles or so for the day always takes it out of me, so I never have the effort left to make myself dress up, and I feel it is a waste. If only it were a little closer…

Le Keux Vintage Salon 1950s

Diners and Drive-In’s

We had a little ice-cream parlour in the city up until recently, but it closed down. (Coventry wasn’t ready… but I was.) Places like Le Keux are few and far between around the Midlands. There seem to be a lot more open-cinemas now, but I’d love to go to a traditional Drive-In movie. Of course for that I’d probably need a pick-up truck so I can lie down with blankets under the stars.

The Coolest Cars

I’m not really a car person generally but I can definitely get on board with a vintage vehicle. These cars have curves and they always make a statement! Seeing them in TV shows like Mad Men, and seeing them in Pin-Up photos with pretty ladies draped on the bonnets. Somehow it just makes me happy!

Le Keux Vintage Salon 1950s HelloLizzieBee

Hair and Make-Up

I absolutely love getting my hair done in vintage curls – the 1950s look is my favourite! My hair really lends itself to holding the styles too for some reason. I also love a good victory roll or 2! My favourite place for vintage hair in Coventry (and getting my hair done generally) is the Rock ‘n’ Roller parlour. Natalie is a fabulous lady who has a parlour in her lovely vintage caravan, Ruby! She’s helped me out many a time before a vintage fair and she’s absolutely wonderful!

Rock ‘n’ Roll

I am not too familiar with artists specifically… (my memory is awful) but the idea of a 50’s dance, with swing dancing and a live band and sunshine and ice-creams… Amazing! It was one of my favourite things to do at Goodwood Revival. (They had a full roller disco as well as swing dance and Rock n Roll bands all over the place! Oooh, now I wish I was going back!)

Le Keux Vintage Salon 1950s

Vintage Dresses and Prints

Speaking of swing dances… Swing dresses are my jam! I own about 20 and the most frustrating thing about them is I never have a chance to wear them! That’s why I took every opportunity on our lovely afternoon, to take a million photos! I am really happy with how these turned out – thank you so much to Lizzie for the photos!

Le Keux Vintage Salon 1950s Photoshoot

 Which era would you choose to live in if you could go back in time?

There are quite a few eras I feel I would suit me… I loved the 90’s and I was already technically present in them… But eek, I can’t say I am a fan of the clothes. No, I’ll stick to my coiffed curls, Cadillacs and candy colour dresses; for me it has to be the 50’s all the way.


  1. Shane
    29th June 2018

    Another enjoyable post with delightful pictures… such acting skills.
    Even these types of posts, one’s that are perhaps a little different to your usual, are amazing because you write with such authenticity. It feels like you’re revealing another part of yourself that maybe isn’t obvious, and who doesn’t like to see hidden depths in their already favourite blogger?

    If I were to go back in time to live in an era, it’d probably be the Victorian era.
    For reasons.
    But also, so I could start a real life steampunk movement using my clearly infinite knowledge of steam powered machinery and the fashion industry.

    From your No.1 fan.

  2. Eloise
    2nd July 2018

    Looks like you both had a lovely day, I’m happy for you! Also, you both look super cute <3

    I'm not sure whether I would go back to a different era. I don't feel like I fit in with any particular period of time xD But I think it would be cool to sample many different time periods to get a taste of them all!


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