Harry Potter Quizzing and a General Life Update

I wanted to do a little bit of a life update as I’d not done one for a while! Also last weekend me and some of my favourite nerds went to a Harry Potter Supper Club and Quiz in Coventry, so I thought I’d write about that too. Because why not?

Looking back at where I was mentally 6 months ago and how different things are now, I can’t believe how positive everything seems in comparison. At the time, I was in a job I hated (sorry, not sorry) in a place I’d been for far too long to the point where I felt stagnant. I had no idea what I was doing there, or what my purpose was.

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Now, although I know jobs are not the be-all and end-all, I feel a lot better in myself in my new one. I am headed somewhere, I have structure and I am happy. Not only that but I feel I have found my place in my community; like I belong among a small and fantastic group of small businesses.

Oh and I am also now the mother of a beautiful little girl… Penelope.

Generally – things are looking good.

I am expanding my reach, enjoying just meeting and talking to new and interesting people and my blog has always encouraged me to seek out new things to do. So far I’ve been to SS19 Fashion Launches, Brighton, Bubble Tea Events, English Heritage Sites… So many amazing experiences.

From CovBlogger SS19 Fashion Launch – Credit: ESMEDIA

One such experience this year has been the Harry Potter Quiz which I took some of my Harry Potter Discussion Group to. Starting with a butterbeer on arrival, it was a lovely evening and just a great excuse to do something interesting and different! Bonus: they split us in half but OF COURSE, half of us still won the Harry Potter quiz!

You could tell that the cafe who hosted it specialised in dessert making! We had a trio of desserts which were all Harry Potter themed – A Chocolate Frog Cake, a Golden Snitch Cheesecake and a Sorting Hat cupcake which (falsely) sorted me into Slytherin! Overall it was a really fun night with a lot of laughs and what else do you need from an evening with friends?

Something I am aiming for is to be more in-the-moment; when I am out somewhere, staying off my phone, enjoying it and really drinking in the atmosphere. Especially with how positive this last few months have been and how much I have to look forward to on the lead up to my 30th birthday, I am going to try to bask in every moment.


  1. Nat
    23rd March 2019

    Aww I love this little update post Amy! 😀 I remember you telling me about the Harry Potter event you were going to, which sounds and looks like it was so much fun! My bestie would love to have a go at that I’m sure. 😀

    When it’s on again and she’s free we’ll have to come along one time!

    I can’t wait for us to attend more events together and I’m especially excited for games next weekend 😀


  2. Nati Macchiato
    24th March 2019

    aww love this little catch up post, Amy ! I’m so glad to hear that you’re so much happier than before – you deserve the best + it sounds like you’re well on your way to achieving it ! it was so lovely to see you at the SS19 fashion launch + Penelope is beaut.

    have a lovely Sunday !

    Nati x | https://www.natimacchiato.com

  3. Shane
    24th March 2019

    Oh, unexpected Saturday blog post. How did I miss this until now?!
    And look at Penny! Little does she know she’s become ‘Writing Into The Ether’ famous.


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