A Harry Potter Halloween: Afternoon Tea at Colwick Hall Hotel

Three words: HARRY POTTER HALLOWEEN. I love a Harry Potter party – any opportunity to go to an HP themed event, I’m there. This year for a Halloween treat, my friends organised a visit to Colwick Hall in Nottingham, for a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea. I was very disappointed with dismal Ravenclaw representation – where are you all at? The place was buzzing with Gryffindors!

The food, on the other hand, was spectacular! Everything from the cakes to the cocktails was themed and there was so much food we couldn’t finish it! We started off with a butterbeer which rivalled Warner Bros Studios for the taste – you had to mix it up to get the right effect of the creamy butteriness – mmmm.

 Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Butterbeer
 Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Let the afternoon tea begin!

Firstly, the sandwiches! These were a standard affair of turkey, beef, cheese and hummus. They were very tasty and after these, we were beginning to feel full! Once we went onto what we aptly named the Philosopher’s Scone (haha) we were well and truly full up and had to have a tea break from our afternoon tea!

We were so impressed with the effort that went into creating these courses and how well they tied in with the books. We continued with some hot pea and mint soup, cheese straw wands and pumpkin pasties. They were very tasty and the pumpkin was spiced and tied together with the soup so well! I don’t usually like pumpkin but the taste was similar to that of swede.


Harry Potter Halloween Afternoon Tea

Now for something sweet…

Next in line were the beautifully presented desserts. A chocolate frog cupcake, golden snitch cake pop, a cheesecake with a chocolate wand and a “bleeding” sponge cake which I didn’t even manage to take a bite of – what a wuss! Each of them was delicious but we started to feel full after the first bites…

To wash it all down we cooked up a potion! A wonderful mix of mint, elderflower and apple – so tasty! Harry Potter has so many different elements that you can bring to life through food and decor. The little details of the world will always inspire me. I can’t wait to visit the HP studios for an after-hours tour in December! Eek.

 Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Chocolate Frogs
 Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Potions

A Harry Potter Halloween would be the best – if I hadn’t already had an HP party this year I would have hosted one for Halloween!  Overall, I was really impressed with the entire thing and so glad I took the afternoon off to go! Have any of you been to a Harry Potter themed event this year? I’d go every week if I could…

 Colwick Hall Grand Staircase

Harry Potter Halloween Afternoon Tea

 Golden Snitch

Colwick Hall Hotel



  1. Lizzie Bee
    27th October 2017

    This sounds AMAZING! And at such a beautiful Manor too. I wish there were more Ravenclaw things but at least the food was yummy (my mouth is drooling at the butter beer part).

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