It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Halloween Season Is Here!

I know I am not the only one who starts celebrating Halloween by the start of October, and is just dying to start prepping Halloween blog posts! The aesthetic is one I dabble in all year round, and I really love to go all out for Autumn. It’s my favourite time of the year and I am lucky enough to have a beautiful place to write (above) where I can enjoy the last of the warm days of the year.

Here are just a few things I have planned for October that you can expect from me. Eek, I am so excited I could scream!

Halloween Hauls

As soon as October begins I raid the shelves for Halloween themed home-ware and accessories – mostly because they’re things I use all year round! I had to hold back from buying every Lush product but decided to treat myself to something locally made, with this amazing Bride of Frankenstein brooch from Frilly Industries.

Frilly Industries Halloween Season

Harry Potter Events

I take any excuse I can to go to a Harry Potter event and this October I am going to two! Unfortunately I had to miss out on Harry Potter Afternoon Tea this year (that I went to last year but with an all new menu!) On Halloween weekend, I am going to Driagcon (the first UK Harry Potter convention!) and of course I’ll be hosting my Harry Potter group, Muggle Musings!

Halloween Season Aesthetic

Please do let me dress as a witch in public, please do let me cover my room in skull candles! Zombie themed blog posts in the works… tick. Give me any excuse to be ‘spooky’ and I am there… I also love how the artists I know go all out for Halloween! Like my friend Lizzie, who designed this perfect spooky necklace with BekBekMakes!

LizJOwen BekBekMakes Halloween Themed Necklace

Halloween Themed Treats

I purchased a few Japanese snack crates from JapanCrate last year, one of which was for Halloween! I just couldn’t help myself this year either and had to treat myself to another snack crate AND a No-Make-No-Life beauty box, which should arrive to me just in time for Halloween! Can’t wait to show you all!

Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies

I love classic Halloween movies, like Fright Night, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare before Christmas – not necessarily scary or gory ones! I am a bit of a scaredy cat to tell you the truth. Just some cheesy Halloween-y movies to watch with a big pack of Pic’n’Mix. I can’t wait to have girly nights in with my friends and get watching!

LizJOwen BekBekMakes Halloween Themed Necklace

The Big Night Itself

It’s another excuse to have a night out and this year I am off to Stratford on Halloween to see an adaptation of Sweeney Todd at The Attic Theatre. It was such a lovely intimate little theatre, and spectacular when I went to see Jane Eyre in September – I can’t wait to see more and on such a fantastic night too!

What are your plans this October? I can’t wait to share my Halloween happenings with you all!


  1. Veniece Lee
    3rd October 2018

    I loveeee this. We are huge Harry Potter fans too!

  2. Shane
    3rd October 2018

    Well that’s me in the mood for Halloween. I’m sold.

    I only wish I had a like-minded soul to share this joyous season with. Sigh.

  3. Louise P.
    3rd October 2018

    Great Post! Sounds like you have a lot of fun exciting plans this month. October/Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I love watching cheesy Halloween movies too. Especially Nightmare Before Christmas and The Witches.

    1. Amy_Ether
      3rd October 2018

      Ooh! I love The Witches! That’s weirdly spooky for a kids film! 🙂

  4. Erica Robyn
    4th October 2018

    This is awesome!! <3 Happy October!!

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