A Geek’s Guide: Space Cheesecake

Space Cheesecake

So I’m not exactly a culinary legend…

…but I’m not scared to give anything a go! So when I saw there was a trend online for making unicorn related cakes, I thought… why not adapt it and make a Space Cheesecake? The recipe I mostly adapted from used American pre-made bases, so I thought I’d go British and go for a traditional buttery biscuit base! I got some advice from my older and wiser colleagues who know about these kinds of things, and got to work!

Disclaimer: I cannot (!) make anything without trashing the kitchen… But I just like to think the mess is a reflection of how much fun I had making the thing!

Ignition sequence start…

So first of all, the ingredients. As you can see all of my core ingredients are from Tesco but there are other places to get these things!


100g butter
200g digestive biscuits
500g (or about 2 tubs of soft cheese)
200g sugar
250ml heavy cream
2 tsp vanilla essence
White or silver sprinkles
Food Colourings 

Just a note: it’s best to use gel colours as they’re much better than your normal runny ones. I bought mine here.
You’ll also need an electric whisk!

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…

The original recipe used a pre-bought Graham-cracker base but I am not American (nor lazy!) so for mine, I ended up crushing up 2 parts digestive biscuits to 1 part melted butter.

I crushed the biscuits by using the end of a rolling pin in a bowl (they break up super easily). I then melted the butter in a pan and combined them.

Then I laid the biscuit crumbs into a well-buttered tin (mine was a cake tin with a removable base) and pushed down with the flat of a spoon to make sure the base was nice and firm.

Space Cheesecake Buttery Biscuit Base

Commencing countdown, engines on…

Next, I used an electric whisk to blitz together the soft cheese and sugar, and then once it was combined, chucked in the cream and then continued to whisk until there were “Stiff peaks“. Now, I hadn’t done this before and thought… how will I know when it’s done that? But trust me – you’ll know! At this point, add the vanilla extract and mix in.

 Vanilla Essence Space Cheesecake
 Space Cheesecake Whipping Cream Stiff Peaks

Failure is not an option…

Next, I separated this mix into 3 bowls so I could add the gel colours. I opted for blue, purple and pink (something wasn’t quite right about a black cheesecake…)

I didn’t want to compromise the flavour of the space cheesecake by adding too much colouring, so I didn’t go too brave and make it really dark… but the colours still worked really well!

Splodge all the mixture into small alternating dollops (technical terms…) onto the top of the base at random, and then marble them by swirling around with a chopstick.

Space Cheesecake Cream cheese colours

Space Cheesecake Dollops

Space Cheesecake Chopstick

Cake (and grief counselling) will be available at the conclusion of the test…

To finish, I smoothed off the top with a spatula and then scattered my white decorations at random. It needed to then be chilled for 6 hours in the fridge before removing from the tin and Voilà! The space cheesecake was ready to eat, and oh my gosh was it good!

Space Cheesecake Complete

Space Cheesecake Piece

Space Cheesecake Final

So what do you think?!

Until Next Time



  1. Wendy D
    18th February 2017

    Shame you cannot taste online! Certainly looks good enough to eat.

  2. Amy_Ether
    18th February 2017

    Thanks Wendy! It was really fun to make and write too 🙂

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