Day out with Lizzie Bee at Kirby Hall

I am so happy that Spring is on the way! I really enjoyed my Saturday with my gal, Lizzie having a relaxed wander around one of my favourite English Heritage sites, Kirby Hall.

I decided to make an effort and wear an old dress (which I’d not worn since 2018!) with a cute cardigan to make it more casual, and do a full face of make-up. I felt wonderful when I left the house and really positive – I think it’s because its finally sunny!

♡ Outfit breakdown ♡
Cardigan – Shein
Dress – Hell Bunny (old)
Tights – Snag
Shoes – Iron Fist (old)

We were really lucky with the weather today, as we made our way through the Leicestershire countryside to have a look at this magnificent hall. I’ve been here a few times before and it meant that I could tell Lizzie all of the interesting bits of information I’d picked up on previous visits (before Covid, when they had audio guides).

Hanging out with Lizzie is super effortless and we just chat away! The day went by really quickly and although it was a bit chilly, we really enjoyed wandering around in the sunshine and around the echoing empty halls of the manor house.

We ended up winging it on our way home (something I always find so hard to do!) and chose to head to a market town on the way home to find something to eat, as we realised we were both super hungry! We settled on Pizza Express (as the town was really little and we had no idea where to go!) It turned out to be nice and fresh, and the pizza I had was super tasty.

And now I’m back home safe and sound with a cup of tea and my cat on my lap (She went missing a few weeks ago and I was super distraught, but I’m so glad she came home safe!) A great start to the weekend and I’ll be resting tonight and beginning the end of our D&D campaign tomorrow!

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