Collectable Coventry: Etch and Pin’s Coventry Sticker Album

My friend and the creator of the Coventry Sticker Album, Aaron Ashmore of Etch and Pin, allowed me the absolute pleasure of proof reading this beautiful book before it’s release and I’ve been excited about it for MONTHS! Had to get my hands on a copy and find out what it’s all about!

Through the new Coventry Sticker album, you feel a huge sense of pride for every tiny piece of the city from the Coventry Market to the Cathedral, from the Belgrade to Broadgate. Coventry is absolutely full of icons. Whether that’s places, people, buildings, creations, collections – there’s such so much the city has to offer and it’s only when you sit back and take a moment to reflect that you realise just how much there is.

Coventry Sticker Album

I’d imagine it’d be fantastic for families who are Cov locals to collect together, or for visitors to the city who can buy the book then subscribe to get the stickers once they go home. For me, it’s just ultra nostalgic. I’ve not completed a sticker book since my Harry Potter one in about 2003. Plus it’s SO satisfying to stick the stickers in, even if I do get annoyed with myself when I stick them on the wonk!

Coventry Sticker Album
Coventry Market… All Kinds of Everything…Hmm hmm hmm Hmmm

It’s also such a fantastic thing for the creative people of Coventry to say they’ve been a part of! I know I feel proud even playing my very small part. I’m even levelling up my collection by getting people to sign the book as I collect the stickers. Some of my favourite people like Big Comfy Bookshop and Fantayzia Designs are in this book! Can’t wait to get my hands on their stickers and signatures.

Plus… I’ve already ordered the rest of the packs from Etch and Pin. There’s no way I could have the book but not complete it – that’d be absolutely mad! There’s that real feeling of completion that you get when you’ve got the set too. Can’t wait to swap some shinies with you all!

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