Etch and Pinterview: Coventry’s Enamel Pin Badge Club!

Here’s just a little something extra from me following from my last Nerdy Enamel Pins post! I’m always looking to collaborate with local businesses, and when I heard that Coventry had it’s own pin badge club I just had to get one!

The genius behind these unique pins is Aaron Ashmore, who has been running Etch and Pin now for a few months! I thought I’d just do a quick interview with him as he continues on his journey to become the ultimate pin-master!

What made you want to produce pins for Coventry people?

Collectable pin badges have had a resurgence in the past couple of years and I was hoping that the people of Coventry would wear our pins as a badge of honour, showing how proud they are of our great city.

How do we go about buying your Pins?

We sell both one-off badges and pre-orders for 1, 3 or 6 month bundles! If you pre-order you get the pin ahead of it’s announcement on social media! Our shop on Etsy is EtchandPin.

Coventry Enamel Pins

What kind of Charities do you support with your pins?

We donate £1 from every badge sold to a different local Coventry charity each month – we’ve raised over £700 so far! We have supported Myton Hospice, Free Radio’s Cash for Kids and YMCA Coventry and Warwickshire. All very worthy  causes!

What can we expect from future pins?

I’m extremely excited about upcoming badges. I have had the next three badges made and they are FANTASTIC (not that I am biased of course!) But they are top secret! We hope to continue to make people from Coventry smile with our pin badges!

I bought the August Pin badge above, as I loved the “Sent to Cov” idea! I am proud to call this city my own! September’s is out now, AND you can now pre-order October’s which will come out in just a few days!

FYI – This is not sponsored content – this is entirely from the heart as I choose to collaborate with brands who are close to my ideals and feels! If you would like to work with me is where to find me. For more of my local collaborations, click here!

4 thoughts on “Etch and Pinterview: Coventry’s Enamel Pin Badge Club!

  1. These look so hilarious! My boyfriend is from Coventry and one of my first memories of when we first starting seeing each other was a jokey argument in Morrisons about how batches and bread rolls are the same thing, but aren’t. 😛

    These look amazing and I love that someone has made a pin badge with batches on!

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