Friendly Neighbourhood Blogger: 7 Ways to Geek Out in Coventry

I’m so happy to see the amount of geek events Coventry has – it’s grown so much over the last few years! At one point there was very little to do in terms of nerdy things but I think with the opening of FarGo Village 3 years ago it’s becoming increasingly popular. Local businesses are beginning to realise – hey! There’s scope for geekery! Let’s run with it!

Being a social butterfly, I am always looking for new things to do and see. So here are just a few of my recommendations for Geeky things to do in Coventry…

Coventry Blogger Writing Into The Ether Geek Events Coventry

Geek Quizzing Done Right

I have noticed a rise in Geek Quizardry in Coventry this year, with venues like Drapers and the Big Comfy Bookshop hosting geek quiz events every few months. The questions range from your standard nerd stuff (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) to DEEP into nerd territory. See if you can beat our quiz team at the next one! (We are distinctly average.)

Coventry Comic Con

I have to admit, I’ve never attended Cov-Con but I intend to do it this year! The next one is September 15th and I thought seeing as it always exhausts me to go to Comic Con in London (and somehow still exhausts me to go to the one in Birmingham), I’d try this one out for size!

Muggle Musings Writing Into The Ether Geek Events Coventry

Embrace your Wizard Side

Yes, this is a shameless plug of Muggle Musings; a monthly event on the 3rd Saturday of every month, hosted by me, for you, my fellow Muggles. We discuss all elements of Harry Potter, and we can delve pretty deep! Find out more about the next event here.

Kick off your Comic Book Collection

Head to Fargo Village where you will find Sgt. Bilko’s Emporium and Astral Gypsy for all your Comic Book and Fandom needs. If you’re in the town centre, we still have a Forbidden Planet (just about…) but it’s always good to support local businesses!

Costume Up at Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey have some awesome themed nights, and in particular I love a medieval banquet! (Game of Thrones is one of my favourite TV shows ever. Obviously.) It’s a great excuse to get into a period costume and play a character for the night. You could be ANYONE you want!

Seek out the Sci-Fi

I may be a little biased, and I might mention them WAY too much, but The Big Comfy Bookshop is one of the best places to hang out and just go full nerd. It’s where I spend most of my free time, blogging away in a corner. Did I mention I sponsored their expansion/Sci-Fi section? Probably.

Coventry Blogger Writing Into The Ether Geek Events Coventry

Oh Damn, and Everything Else…

I realise now that there are endless other meet-ups and one-off events in Coventry! Play Mario-Kart at Bubble Boba… Retro Games Nights… Table Top Games Nights… Drink and Draw evenings and tons of historical events at the Herbert Art Gallery…

You just have to get out there and start meeting people – and a virtual tour guide, you only need to ask!

7 thoughts on “Friendly Neighbourhood Blogger: 7 Ways to Geek Out in Coventry

  1. Such good recommendations that even though I’ve done most of them already I’ll probably do them all over again knowing they have the Writing Into The Ether seal of approval.
    Muggle Musings as recommended by Writing Into The Ether, though. You should have a ‘Writing Into The Ether recommended’ badge on all Muggle Musings promotional materials henceforth. I see no conflict of interest whatsoever.

    From your No.1 fan.

  2. Excuse you, our quiz team is fantastic – Team Pygmy Puff have been twice and placed first and second so shush.

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